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Parliamentary Rules and Procedures

As amended on April 30, For Dentists a. There shall be a Commission on Election or COMELEC, an independent body which shall regulate and conduct the election of the Association and hear election protests and whose decision shall be final. Other policies done by the Comelec not included in the PDA Constitution must be presented first to the incumbent Board prior to implementation. Such presentation should be at least two months prior to campaign period. Effectivity date shall be 60 days from the date of approval.

The active member — is any member duly licensed to practice in the Philippines; who is a member of the Philippine Dental Association in good standing, and duly registered as such through a Constituent Chapter, through area of practice, in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Regulatory Code of Dentistry in the Philippines.

Non-dentist member — is a dental hygienist and dental technologist as defined in Article 1, Section 4b and c and Article 4 Section 27 a and b of R. The associate member: Any member of the allied health profession who, by his contribution to the advancement of the dental profession may be admitted by the House of Delegates as Associate Member upon recommendation by the Board of Trustees.

The honorary member: The honorary member is one who has made an outstanding contribution to the state of oral health and the advancement of the art and science of dentistry in the Philippines. The House of Delegates upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees may elect him as Honorary member of the Association. An active member shall: 1 have the right to vote provided they are registered as PDA member; 2 receive the publication of the Association; 3 be entitled to attend scientific sessions, seminars, symposia, etc.

XIII, Sec. The Life Member shall: 1 be exempted from paying the annual membership dues; 2 have the right to vote; 3 receive a Certificate of Life Membership; 4 be entitled to all privileges of an active member in good standing, 5 be eligible to any elective or appointive position in the Association provided, that it shall be in accordance with the provisions of Art.

XIII Sec. The Associate member shall: 1 receive the PDA Journal regularly, and 2 be privileged to attend the scientific sessions, seminars, symposia, etc.

The Affiliate Member shall: 1 receive the PDA Journal regularly and 2 be privileged to attend the scientific sessions, seminars symposia, etc.

Non-dentist members shall receive the PDA Bulletin, allowed to attend scientific sessions, seminars, symposia, etc. Active membership fee: The Active Membership Fee covering the annual fee, shall be determined by the Board of Trustees, subject to confirmation by the House of Delegates.

The active membership fee shall be allocated with percentage equivalent. All excess funds shall not be reverted to the general fund but will remain in its different allocation at the next fiscal year.

As amended on April 30, 1. General Fund — Chapter Rebates Fund — 7. Comelec Fund — 2. Publication — Continuing Education Fund — Welfare and Trust Fund — Increase in membership dues for the year when indicated will be determined by the Board as approved by the House of Delegates As amended on April 30, General Fund 2. Legal Affairs Fund 3. Rebates Fund 4. Publication 5. Continuing Education Fund. The amount of each entry will rely on the actual amount reflected on Active Membership Fee.

The annual convention dues shall be collected from the member of the Association registered at the convention in the amount that shall be determined by the Board of Trustees. Charges other than annual convention dues may be collected from registrant attending continuing education lectures, table clinics, symposia, or the like sponsored by the Association at such time or place other than those held during the annual convention, and which amounts shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

However, he may be qualified to run for any other elective position in the Board or the House of Delegates. The president is eligible for only two 2 terms, however, he shall not run for re-election until after five 5 years. XXVI, Section 1, 2 and 3. The formulation and adoption of administrative policies governing the day to day operations of the Association shall be the inherent duty of the Board.

Such policies shall be established according to the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, provisions of the Professional Regulatory Code, the Dental Law and such other decrees, instructions from duly authorized government agencies, and the laws of the land.

It shall prudently manage the resources of the Association and exercise its corporate functions. When the House of Delegates is not in session, the Board may exercise in an ad interim capacity, such functions as a grant, amend, suspend, or revoke the charter of a constituent chapter, or.

Delegates from affiliate societies shall consist of: One 1 voting preferably by the Chief Delegate. One 1 non-voting but participating delegate.

Their tenure is one year. The appointive officers of the House of Delegates are the Parliamentarian, House Secretary, House Administrator, the House Assistant Secretary and such other appointive staff members that are needed. Appointments are solely made by the Speaker of the House. Only delegates representing the Constituent Chapter shall be elected into office in the House. One who is experienced and able in parliamentary procedures and debates.

Duties and obligation of the Parliamentarian — acts as counsel to the Speaker and interprets constitutional provisions. Manage the operations of the House of Delegates including the efficient performance of the duties of the HOD officers. Such staff members may be designated on a temporary basis to assist the House Officers in special events or projects or on a yearly basis.

The House of Delegates shall hold a Mid-year Session, halfway through the administrative term or when exigency so requires and shall also hold a special session of the House of Delegates during area conventions. The order of business in the first half of the session unless modified for valid reason shall be: 1.

Call to order 2. Roll Call 3. Report of the Committee on Credentials 4. Reading and approval of the Minutes of the Previous Session 5. Approval of the Agenda and House Rules 6. Annual Report of the Treasurer 7. Annual Report of the President 8. Presentation of the Budget for the coming fiscal year 9. New Business Recess for the second half of the session.

Report of the Committee on Credentials 3. Unfinished Business 4. Election of Officers 5. Canvassing of Ballots 6. Proclamation of election results 7.

The official delegates of Constituent Chapter and of Societies affiliated with the Association shall present a certificate of accreditation to their being the duly elected or appointed delegates to the House and duly signed by the President and Secretary of his chapter or affiliated society. The members of the Council who shall serve in the Board of Governors shall be in accordance to a line of succession, serving for a term of one year and following the fiscal year of the PDA.

The whole article as amended on April 30, A Constituent Chapter of the Association may be organized in a city, or province of the Republic of the Philippines and government entities such as the AFP and PNP with no fixed geographical designation. XII, Sec. Failure to report results thereof or to submit in writing the record of its activities to the office of the Executive Director shall be ground for suspension of its Charter after due process.

Provided, that only one recognized organization per field. The charter will be reinstated in the following fiscal year if the required number of members is attained.

As approved on April 30, There shall be a Board of Governors, drawn from the Council of PDA Presidents who shall administer or manage the affairs of the Council, composed of five 5 members, as follows:. Election of 11 Trustees is by area comprising seven Trustees for Luzon and two Trustees each for Visayas and Mindanao. XVII Sec. Only an active member in good standing for at least three 3 consecutive years prior to the election shall be eligible for election to any office and such other qualifications for candidacy as maybe provided for within this Constitution and By-Laws.

Affiliate Delegates cannot be nominated for elective position in the House of Delegates. However, they are entitled to one vote.

Unused bond shall be refunded to the complainant within one week. The incoming President of the Association and the newly elected national officers of the association shall be inducted into office during the annual convention. He shall post a bond in such amount as may be determined by the board. The Auditor shall perform the pre-auditing procedures, or pre-audit of disbursements of the Association.

Chairman, to serve for one 1 year ii. One member for two 2 years, and iii. The third member for three 3 years. The Commission on Elections of the PDA, hygienists and technologists shall regulate and conduct the election of the officers of the Association, receive election protests, investigate, conduct hearings and make a final decision, settle matters of election protests and whose decision shall be final.

Committee on Membership b. Committee on Finance c. Committee on Continuing Professional Education d. Committee on Constitution, By-Laws and Legislation e. Committee on Public Health As amended on April 30,

By-Laws of PDA

The captions at the top of the right-hand 9. A dash -- sign indicates that the rule which committee it should be referred. Not renewable unless the question has been applies instead. Where neither of these symbols is used, modified substantially to make it a new it means that the rule is not applicable to the motion in proposition. For explanation of the figures used in place of Only a negative vote may be reconsidered.

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By-Laws of PDA

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Section 1. Sangguniang Barangay — Shall be the legislative body of the barangay and is composed of the Punong barangay as presiding officer, the seven 7 Sangguniang Barangay members elected at large and Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman as member. Section 2. The Barangay Secretary — He Shall be the clerk of the Sangguniang Barangay and shall perform such duties, as the Sanggunian shall by ordinance prescribe. Punong Barangay — the powers and duties of the Presiding Officer; in addition to those already vested upon him by law, shall be as follows:.

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The captions at the top of the right-hand 9. A dash -- sign indicates that the rule which committee it should be referred. Not renewable unless the question has been applies instead. Where neither of these symbols is used, modified substantially to make it a new it means that the rule is not applicable to the motion in proposition. For explanation of the figures used in place of Only a negative vote may be reconsidered. The

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