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india goods and services tax pdf

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The interim Budget presented by the government in April extended the full tax rebate to resident individuals with total income up to Rs 5 lakh.

The year will forever be etched in Indian history as the year that saw the implementation of the biggest and most important economic reform since Independence - the Goods and Services Tax GST. The reform that took more than a decade of intense debate was finally implemented with effect from 1 July , subsuming almost all indirect taxes at the Central and State levels. This single tax has helped streamline various indirect taxes and brought in more efficiencies in business.

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While GST consolidated the previous indirect tax regime which was more complex, it also required a thorough understanding for its implications and applicability because of its direct impact on the functioning of businesses. GST changed the game for the indirect tax scenario in India. While it took away the other forms of indirect tax, it brought with it its own nuances and technicalities for consideration. From a compliance as well as strategy point of view, GST became an important factor for businesses to consider in India. This meant that a streamlined indirect tax was to be levied across all sectors, the rates of which have been revised several times. This posed a need to remain constantly updated about it for its impact on business, trade, projects; and in a more general sense, its effect on the growth of sectors, industries and the economy. Via The Brief, we aim to help businesses by giving relevant information and insights on doing business in India and by sharing the perspective of select industry experts on building a successful business presence here.

USTR source indicates that though government of India has pursued ongoing economic reform efforts, U. The office of the Director General of Foreign Trade mandates registration for all importers before engaging in import and export activities. The India Trade Portal provides information on the latest tariff and duty rates by Harmonized System codes. It provides options for calculating duty rates, electronic filing of certain import declarations and shipping bills export goods declarations , electronic payment, and online verification of import and export licenses. USTR report further states that the government of India is increasing the use of electronic forms.

Goods & Services Tax

This dilemma of how to accomplish the project work drives to an issue of copying projects from peers. Declaration GST is a significant topic which requires lot of deliberations from academia and industry. Transactions made within a single state are levied with Central GST … GST is an indirect tax applicable all over the India by merging the all indirect taxes levied by the central and state government into single one. This is the need of this project. Rates The GST is imposed at different rates on different items. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

Items in Shodhganga are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Shodhganga Mirror Site. Show full item record. Goods and services tax the prospect in India. Haque, M. Taxes are broadly classified as Direct Taxes and Indirect taxes.

Goods And Services Tax

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