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RSS Atom. Smith as Bluto Down in the dumps More things that changed in later editions of Snow White Hacking the git shell prompt We visit the town of Gap Hildebert and the mouse The magic mirror in Snow White Early warning signs of shitty software. Achimedes and the square root of 3 Acta Quandalia Addenda to Apostol's proof that sqrt 2 is irrational A draft of a short introduction to topology A familiar set with an unexpected order type A happy numeric coincidence Algebra techniques that don't work, except when they do A maybe-interesting number trick?

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RSS Atom. Smith as Bluto Down in the dumps More things that changed in later editions of Snow White Hacking the git shell prompt We visit the town of Gap Hildebert and the mouse The magic mirror in Snow White Early warning signs of shitty software.

Achimedes and the square root of 3 Acta Quandalia Addenda to Apostol's proof that sqrt 2 is irrational A draft of a short introduction to topology A familiar set with an unexpected order type A happy numeric coincidence Algebra techniques that don't work, except when they do A maybe-interesting number trick? Factorials are almost, but not quite, square Factorials are not quite as square as I thought Fibonacci-like sequences Fixed points and attractors, part 3 Flipping coins Flipping coins, corrected Followup notes about dice and polyhedra Foundations of Mathematics in the early 20th Century Four ways to solve a nonlinear differential equation Funky coordinate systems Gabriel's Horn is not so puzzling Gentzen's rules for natural deduction G.

Hardy on analytic number theory and other matters Gray code at the pediatrician's office Happy birthday Hero's formula How are finite fields constructed? How do you make a stella octangula?

How many 24 puzzles are there? How many kinds of polygonal loops? SE report Math. What is topology? When do n and 2n have the same digits? Comments disabled. My big mistake about dense sets I made a big mistake in a Math Stack Exchange answer this week. It turned out that I believed something that was completely wrong.

Here's the question, are terminating decimals dense in the reals? It asks if the terminating decimals that is, the rational numbers of the form!! For example, is there a terminating decimal!! There is:!! This is the obvious and straightforward way to prove it, and it's just what the top-scoring answer did. I thought I'd go another way, though. I said that it's enough to show that for any two terminating decimals,!! I remember my grandfather telling me long ago that this was a sufficient condition for a set to be dense in the reals, and I believed him.

But it isn't sufficient, as Noah Schweber kindly pointed out. It is, of course, necessary, since if!! The counterexample that M. Schweber pointed out can be explained quickly if you know what the Cantor middle-thirds set is: construct the Cantor set, and consider the set of midpoints of the deleted intervals; this set of midpoints has the property that between any two there is another, but it is not dense in the reals.

I was going to do a whole thing with diagrams for people who don't know the Cantor set, but I think what follows will be simpler. Consider the set of real numbers between 0 and 1. These can of course be represented as decimals, some terminating and some not. Our counterexample will consist of all the terminating decimals that end with!! So, for example,!! To the left and right of!! Clearly, between any two of these there is another one, because around!! So this set does have the between-each-two-is-another property that I was depending on.

But it should also be clear that this set is not dense in the reals, because, for example, there is obviously no number of this type that is near!! This isn't the midpoints of the middle-thirds set, it's the midpoints of the middle-four-fifths set, but the idea is exactly the same.

Testing for divisibility by 19 [ Previously, Testing for divisibility by 7. A couple of nights ago I was keeping Katara company while she revised an essay on The Scarlet Letter ugh and to pass the time one of the things I did was tinker with the tests for divisibility rules by 9 and In the course of this I discovered the following method for divisibility by Double the last digit and add the next-to-last. Double that and add the next digit over.

Repeat until you've added the leftmost digit. The result will be a smaller number which is a multiple of 19 if and only if the original number was. I don't claim this is especially practical, but it is fun, not completely unworkable, and I hadn't seen anything like it before. You can save a lot of trouble by reducing the intermediate values mod 19 when needed.

Last time I wrote about this Eric Roode sent me a whole compendium of divisibility tests, including one for divisibility by It's a little like mine, but in reverse: group the digits in pairs, left to right; multiply each pair by 5 and then add the next pair. Here's again:. Again you can save a lot trouble by reducing mod 19 before the multiplication. It does not, of course; the doubling step doubles it.

It is, however, true that it is zero afterward if and only if it was zero before. Newton's Method and its instability While messing around with Newton's method for last week's article , I built this Desmos thingy:.

The red point represents the initial guess; grab it and drag it around, and watch how the later iterations change. Or, better, visit the Desmos site and play with the slider yourself. The curve here is!! Watching the attractor point jump around I realized I was arriving at a much better understanding of the instability of the convergence.

Clearly, if your initial guess happens to be near an extremum of!! But even if the original guess is pretty good, the refinement might be near an extremum, and then the following guess will be somewhere random. For example, although!! The result is that at!! This is where the Newton basins come from:. Here we are considering the function!! Zero is at the center, and the obvious root,!!

The other two roots are at the corresponding positions in the green and blue regions. Starting at any red point converges to the!! Usually, if you start near this root, you will converge to it, which is why all the points near it are red. But some nearish starting points are near an extremum, so that the next guess goes wild, and then the iteration ends up at the green or the blue root instead; these areas are the rows of green and blue leaves along the boundary of the large red region.

And some starting points on the boundaries of those leaves kick the ball into one of the other leaves…. Here's the corresponding basin diagram for the polynomial!! The real axis is the horizontal hairline along the middle of the diagram. The three large regions are the main basins of attraction to the three roots!!

But along the boundaries of each region are smaller intrusive bubbles where the iteration converges to a surprising value. A point moving from left to right along the real axis passes through the large pink!! Then things settle down for a while in the blue region, converging to the!! Then as!! If the picture were higher resolution, you would be able to see that the pink bubbles all have tiny yellow bubbles growing out of them one is 4.

This was generated by the Online Fractal Generator at usefuljs. But this isn't right;!! It has an inflection point at!! So there's something going on here with the complex derivative that I don't understand yet.

Later I remembered that a few months back I wrote a couple of articles about a more general method that includes this as a special case:. Suppose we were to pick a function!! Disregarding the!! The error term!! This shows that the fixed point!! In the previous articles I considered several different simple functions that had fixed points at!!

I said at the time:. It is probably possible to automate the analysis of whether the fixed point is attractive, and if not to apply one of the transformations from the previous article to make it attractive. We guess an approximate solution,!! Then we calculate the line!! This line intersects the!! We can repeat the process if we like, getting better and better approximations to the solution.

See detail at left; click to enlarge. Again, the blue line is the tangent, this time at!! As you can see, it intersects the axis very close to the actual solution. In general, this requires calculus or something like it, but in any particular case you can avoid the calculus. Suppose we would like to find the square root of 2. Once we know or guess!! The method then becomes: Guess!!

Conditions on the order of digits in a solution

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The Pdf and Prc files are sent as single zips and naturally don't have the file structure below. Genesis of a Music is a book first published in by microtonal composer Harry Partch. Partch first presents a polemic against both equal.

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success, and that some knowledge of formal logic is required to power to repel, is annulled by money. --Rene Descartes, Discourse on Method diligently examined and weighed. and leaves all the rest to meditation and agitation of reasons for support should include a consideration of possible objections and then a.

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Proyecto de engorda de pollos pdf download

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