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human capital investment and economic growth in nigeria pdf

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This paper evaluates the relationship between human capital investment and economic growth in two sub-Saharan African countries Kenya and South Africa. The paper applied a quantitative approach and secondary data were collected from the World Bank economic and education indicators from to 30 years.

The role of human capital in the growth process of any nation is crucial. It is a major tool for poverty reduction. The main aim of this paper is to carry out an empirical investigation on the relationship between investment in education, health and economic growth in Nigeria, using time series data from to

The role of foreign direct investment in economic development: A study of Nigeria

Authors : A. Adelowokan Oluwaseyi. Abstract: Human capital investment has been seen as impetus to sustainable economic growth and this has necessitated the increase in government spending by major economies including Nigeria in order to achieve a steady long-run growth path and meet up with the Millenium development goal target. On this basis, the effect of human capital investment on economic growth in Nigeria between a decade after independence and is examined based on the endogenous growth theory framework. Following the underlying assumptions of the Endogenous Growth Model, real output is regressed on private capital investment, government human capital investment, human capital consumption and openness to trade. The time series of the variables were examined using the Augmented Dickey-Fuller unit root test and all of the series were found non-stationary at levels excluding population growth of economic active. Engle-Granger Cointegration test result revealed that there is long-run growth path between human capital investment and economic growth in Nigeria.

This however has been hindered by inadequate resources needed to drive the process of growth and development. One of the key components fronting the movement in support of economic globalization and integration is capital flows considering its complementarity effect in bridging the gap between domestic savings and investment. This study therefore examines the impact of capital flows on economic growth in Nigeria using data covering the period to and sourced from the Central Bank of Nigeria. The method of error correction model framework and autoregressive distributed lag was adopted in estimating our specified model. Findings from our estimated model reveal that capital flows significantly affect economic growth in Nigeria.


The study investigates the relationship between foreign direct investment flows and economic growth in Nigeria. The study became necessary because as never before, the civilian governments since have employed several strategies to ensure increased flow of FDI into Nigeria because of its perceived benefits as lauded in the theoretical literature as the panacea for economic underdevelopment. The study utilized simple OLS regression analysis and conducted various econometrics tests on our model so as to obtain the best linear unbiased estimators. The study confirmed the beneficial role of FDI in growth. However, the role of FDI on growth could be limited by human capital.

Items in EconStor are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Human capital and economic growth: a review essay. Human capital as a critical engine of economic growth is present in many empirical and theoretical body of knowledge on growth models and theory. However, the conclusion on its importance as a driver of economic growth remains inconclusive. The aim of this study is to provide and detailed overview on theoretical and empirical research investigating the role of human capital in the economic growth phenomena. Measuring human capital remains the main obstacle to assessing the importance of human capital and education in economic growth.

What is the Relationship between Human Capital and Economic Growth?

Human Capital Variables and Economic. Growth in Nigeria: An Interactive Effect. Abstract: Various studies have focused on the relationship between human capital and economic growth all over the world. However, there is still a missing gap on the joint influence of human capital investment components on economic growth particularly in Nigeria. This study therefore examines the interactive effects of the relationship between human capital investment components and economic growth in Nigeria for the period of —

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