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metacognition in educational theory and practice pdf

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Porto Alegre: Artmed, Curitiba: Pro — infantil Editora. Porto Alegre: Artmed. HOLT, John.

Cognitive Load Theory, Metacognition and Retrieval Practice

Metacognition is " cognition about cognition", " thinking about thinking", " knowing about knowing", becoming "aware of one's awareness " and higher-order thinking skills. The term comes from the root word meta , meaning "beyond", or "on top of". Metamemory , defined as knowing about memory and mnemonic strategies, is an especially important form of metacognition. This higher-level cognition was given the label metacognition by American developmental psychologist John H. Flavell The term metacognition literally means 'above cognition', and is used to indicate cognition about cognition, or more informally, thinking about thinking. Flavell defined metacognition as knowledge about cognition and control of cognition.

Encouraging Metacognition in the Classroom

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This volume presents the most current perspectives on the role of metacognition in diverse educationally relevant domains. The purpose is to.

Metacognition in educational theory and practice.

Metacognition describes the processes involved when learners plan, monitor, evaluate and make changes to their own learning behaviours. Metacognition is often considered to have two dimensions: metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive regulation. Metacognitive knowledge refers to what learners know about learning.

While applications of metacognition in the context of learning enjoy a long history, psychologists William James, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky theorized the role of metacognition for modern education Fox and Risconscente, All three underscored the value of metacognition for intellectual growth. In higher education, metacognition is valued for the ways it charges and motivates students with self-regulation of their learning, and enables transference of skills and content through reflection and abstract comprehension. Metacognition - Vanderbilt Center for Teaching.

Download Metacognition In Educational Theory And Practice

They do this by gaining a level of awareness above the subject matter : they also think about the tasks and contexts of different learning situations and themselves as learners in these different contexts. Metacognitive practices help students become aware of their strengths and weaknesses as learners, writers, readers, test-takers, group members, etc. This research suggests that increased metacognitive abilities—to learn specific and correct skills, how to recognize them, and how to practice them—is needed in many contexts.

SSF SCITT will be covering metacognition, cognitive load theory and retrieval practice through professional studies, tasks and training plan activities. The links below fit alongside this training and are very useful for mentors, schools and tutors. In cognitive psychology, cognitive load refers to the effort being used in the working memory. Cognitive load theory differentiates cognitive load into three types: intrinsic, extraneous, and germane. The paper has a great overview—and even stronger list of citations—of the theory. They also, obviously, define and explain it:. Here some excellent websites and links so that you can find out more about cognitive load theory:.

Read PDF Metacognition In Educational Theory. And Practice. The phrase was termed by American developmental psychologist John H. Flavell in , and.


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Metacognition in educational theory and practice.

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    Book Description. This volume presents the most current perspectives on the role of metacognition in diverse educationally relevant domains. The purpose is to.

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