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failure reporting analysis and corrective action system pdf

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Highly configurable to meet your needs Personalized portal for each user Incident failure reporting Capture findings from failure analysis on returned parts Part tracking for serialized systems.

A Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System FRACAS is one of the most critical elements in the development, implementation, operation and maintenance process through which the reliability of a system, including hardware and software, can be continually improved. Despite efforts to discover potential failure modes early in the design cycle and prevent their manifestation, unanticipated failures do occur. These failure modes may have eluded discovery during early design analysis, or corrective action may have been partially, or even completely, ineffective. To reduce the risk of such failures escaping into fielded product, it is imperative to follow a structured approach with respect to failure documentation, root cause analysis, and corrective action development, implementation and verification. Of course, reliability success is seldom easy, requiring expertise and tailoring with tradeoffs addressing life-cycle costs and other issues, but we hope that the series will help those not familiar with reliability practices understand the basics.


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Data Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (DRACAS)

FRACAS is a process that gives organizations a way to report, classify and analyze failures, as well as plan corrective reactions in response to those failures. A failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system FRACAS is a process that gives organizations a way to report, classify and analyze failures, as well as plan corrective reactions in response to those failures. Software is often used to implement a FRACAS system to help manage multiple failure reports and produce a history of failure with corresponding corrective actions, so recorded information from those past failures can be analyzed. The closed-loop process is a disciplined and focused approach that detects and solves issues in the design, development and production stages. It does this through multiple fundamental tasks, including recording and capturing data and information about failures; identifying and prioritizing failures; and determining, implementing and verifying corrective actions to prevent failure recurrence. A FRACAS also provides important information from failure analysis and corrective actions for reliability data reports. Report summaries for things like incident counts contain valuable reliability and quality data.

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The system is intended to provide confidence in the accuracy of the claimed theoretical analysis and correct operation of the safety features. DRACAS is a necessary part of any good management system that aims for continual improvement by tracking and resolving reported problems. This is in recognition that learning opportunities to improve the system, including its Safety, encompass near misses, human errors and other incidents as well as equipment malfunctions. The DRACAS should provide traceability of incident management from initial discovery to resolution, or until associated risks have been reduced to a tolerable level. DRACAS should cover all non-conformances and failures relating to design, manufacturing, use, maintenance and test processes that occur during any project activity. Operational and usage data, together with operating conditions should also be recorded to allow event frequency rates to be estimated.

FRACAS: An Overview

A failure reporting, analysis, and corrective action system FRACAS is a system, sometimes carried out using software, that provides a process for reporting, classifying, analyzing failures, and planning corrective actions in response to those failures. It is typically used in an industrial environment to collect data, record and analyze system failures. A FRACAS system may attempt to manage multiple failure reports and produces a history of failure and corrective actions.

FRACAS provides a disciplined closed-loop process for solving reliability and maintainability issues at all stages of a systems life cycle. Meaning, once failures start to occur, and you are able to obtain failure data, you can then perform meaningful FRACAS analyses. Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis FMECA methodologies are designed to identify likely and potential failure modes for a system, to determine the effects and risks associated with the identified failure modes, to effectively rank the failures by importance and seriousness to the survivability of the system, and to identify corrective actions required. Typically, a FMECA is performed during the development of a system, even before parts or systems physically exist, they may only exist as a design in an engineering system.

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How to Implement FRACAS

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