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spanish comparatives and superlatives pdf

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Comparative and superlative in Spanish

Welcome to Spanish II. The Spanish II course , students are expected to read, write and speak about their immediate world, which would include their interests, school life, family, friends and self. They will be able to ask for and understand basic information to be able to communicate in the language. In addition this course will seek to enhance an understanding of the diverse cultures and customs of the Spanish speaking world. Students will be able to read simple authentic texts such as newspaper clippings, headlines, and advertisements.

In addition, they will also be able to read a variety of literature appropriate to their level poetry, and short stories. The four language skills will be developed and evaluated in these ways:. Schmitt and Protase E. Woodford Glencoe McGraw-Hill textbook and a workbook. In addition, students will use various texts and teacher resource s, copies of which will be distributed to them upon need. Read full description.

Hide full description. Page R 22 activity 5. Page R 23 activity 7. Page R 24 activity 9. Page R 25 activity 10 Look at the plan of the fourth floor of an apartment building. A different family lives in each of the two apartments. Give each family a name. Then say as much as you can about each family and their activities. Be as original as possible. Instructors Term School Year Department World Languages Department Description Welcome to Spanish II The Spanish II course , students are expected to read, write and speak about their immediate world, which would include their interests, school life, family, friends and self.

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Due: Friday , February 17 Assignment. Due: Monday , February 13 Assignment. BV2 ch 6 - translated sentences Due: Friday , February 3 Assignment. Comparatives and Superlatives. Los comparativos y superlativos MWHS. Due: Thursday , January 26 Assignment. If you are missing assignments from Ch 4it might be one of these. Mini Cuento. Due: Wednesday , December 14 Assignment. SP II 9 week exam review Due: Monday , December 5 Assignment.

Imperfect Interview project. Due: Monday , October 31 Assignment. Due: Friday , October 21 Assignment. BV2 table settings. Due: Wednesday , October 19 Assignment. Due: Friday , October 7 Assignment. Due: Thursday , October 6 Assignment. Due: Wednesday , October 5 Assignment. WB Ch1 audio practice. Due: Monday , October 3 Assignment. Here is a copy of the Project guidelines and rubric in case you lost them. Due: Tuesday , September 27 Assignment.

Due: Monday , September 26 Assignment. Due: Thursday , September 22 Assignment. BV2 ch 1 vocabulary activities. Due: Friday , September 16 Assignment. Crossword puzzle at the end of the vocabulary and notes is due Wednesday. BV2 Ch 1 vocabulario and notes. Due: Thursday , September 15 Assignment. Flores de papel. Papel picado. Due: Wednesday , September 14 Assignment. Due: Monday , September 12 Assignment. Presente apuntes CD Due: Friday , September 9 Assignment.

Click "Become a Member. Due: Thursday , September 8 Assignment. Create an "i fake text message" in Spanish between 2 family members. Due: Wednesday , September 7 Assignment.

Due: Tuesday , September 6 Assignment. Due: Monday , September 5 Assignment. BV1 Ch 5 Conjugation -er and -ir Verbs. Due: Friday , September 2 Assignment.

Here is the geography assignment. The book can be found on my website. Due: Thursday , September 1 Assignment. Assignment - Use the links below to get the the page in the book where you will find this activities. BV1 - cap 6 El arbol de la familia Gomez y preguntas. Due: Wednesday , August 31 Assignment. Due: Friday , August 26 Assignment. Due: Thursday , August 25 Assignment. Due: Tuesday , August 23 Assignment. Please make sure to return the Student information form filled out.

Due: Thursday , August 11 Assignment. Link to 1st 9 week Warm-ups.

Making Comparisons and Superlatives Spanish Class Activities

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Comment. Adjectives are frequently used to compare things, people, events, ideas etc. Tan … como conveys the idea of equality, as … as. In other words, if the adjective follows the noun , then the superlative will follow the noun, as seen in the example above. And conversely, if the adjective precedes the noun, then the superlative will precede the noun, too as seen in the two examples below.

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Browse spanish comparatives and superlatives resources on PDF. Easel by TpT Activity. Students practice common singular and plural.

Comparisons and Superlatives with Adjectives

This is a one year , college preparatory course in which students will further develop and use reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, in the target language. Each student will use the language to engage in informal communication to express interests, ideas and concerns in reference to self and others. Students will continue to explore cultural diversity of Spanish speaking countries. Read full description. Hide full description.

They will learn about adjectives too. Later, they learn the rules to form a comparative and the ones with an irregular comparative grade. With these resources, they will be able to complete a final oral activity. The lesson also suggests worksheets to help the students practice. Lesson Plan — Superlatives in Spanish — After students have learned to describe and compare equal or unequal things, they are ready to learn how to say something is the best or worst, the most or least among other things.

We will cover examples with regular and irregular comparatives in Spanish talking about age, appearance and many other topics. Attaching certain suffixes at the end of an adjective is a way to express that adjective to an extreme degree, making it a superlative adjective. John is the smartest boy in the class. We are the most intelligent girls in th… Mrs. Spanish Superlative.

Comparative and superlative adjectives adjetivos comparativos and superlativos express the quality degree of the noun they modify. As usual, these adjectives must agree in gender and number with the noun they modify. This movie is less entertaining than that one.

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Spanish 2 Assignments

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spanish comparatives and superlatives

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    Spanish and English use comparisons to indicate which of exist in Spanish (​más alto, más tarde). The noun in a superlative construction can be omitted if.