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Britroyals Home. Alfred the Great

Remembering Queens and Kings of Early Modern England and France

On his death bed in Westminster, Edward the Confessor designates Harold - foremost among England's barons - as his successor. Edward the Confessor is buried in his new abbey church at Westminster, consecrated only the previous week. On the day of Edward's burial, Harold is crowned king - almost certainly in the same abbey church at Westminster. Go to Harold II c. The Normans, as seen in the Bayeux tapestry, invade England in Viking longships with fortified platforms for archers.

Harold, hurrying south to confront the Normans after his victory at Stamford Bridge, is defeated and killed at Hastings. William the Conqueror is crowned on Christmas Day at Westminster - giving the new abbey church two coronations and a royal funeral in its first year.

Go to William II c. Go to Henry I b. Go to Stephen , king of England c. Walter FitzAlan takes a post as steward with the Scottish king, thus establishing the Stewart family and later dynasty. Henry II, coming to the throne of England, is king or feudal overlord of an unbroken swathe of territory from the Tweed to the Pyrenees.

Go to Becket, Thomas c. Thomas Becket, having offended the king by his firm stand as archbishop of Canterbury, flees to a monastery near Paris.

The English exchequer grows in importance under Henry II, taking its name from the table on which financial calculations are made.

Thomas Becket, in France, suspends the English bishops who have participated in the coronation of the 'Young King'. Go to Becket, St Thomas? The Scottish king, William the Lion, is captured raiding into Northumberland and is taken south with his feet tied beneath his horse.

Go to Richard I b. A year after succeeding to the throne of England, Richard I sets off east as one of the leaders of the third crusade. Richard I, returning from the Holy Land in disguise, is recognized in an inn near Vienna and is imprisoned until England pays a massive ransom.

On the death of his brother, Richard I, John becomes king of England. John, the king of England, fixes his seal to Magna Carta, which the barons place before him in a meadow called Runnymede. Llewellyn ap Iorwerth acquires such authority over other Welsh chieftains that he is informally referred to as the prince of Wales. Magna Carta is reissued slightly modified when Henry III comes of age; in the version which becomes enshrined in English law.

Go to Henry III b. Henry III accepts severe curtailment of his powers in the Provisions of Oxford, but then asks the pope to absolve him from his oath. Go to Montfort, Simon de, Earl of Leicester c. Prince Edward, escaping from captivity, defeats and kills Simon de Montfort at Evesham. Go to Edward I b. An uprising by Llewellyn ap Gruffydd, the prince of Wales, ends with his own death and the subjugation of Wales by the king of England, Edward I.

Edward I begins a series of powerful castles - Harlech, Caernarfon and Conwy in this year alone - to subdue the Welsh. Edward I of England arranges for his 5-year-old heir to marry Margaret the Maid of Norway, the 7-year-old heiress to the kingdom of Scotland.

Go to Margaret, Maid of Norway c. The death of Margaret, child heiress to the Scottish throne, results in John de Balliol being chosen as king. Go to John Balliol b. The parliament summoned by Edward I in Westminster Hall is later seen as a 'model' for the breadth of its representation. Go to Wallace, William d. After the murder of his rival, in a church in Dumfries, Robert de Bruce is crowned king of Scots at Scone. Go to miniature painting in World Encyclopedia 1 ed.

After years of guerrilla warfare, Robert de Bruce defeats the English conclusively at Bannockburn - and becomes at last secure in his kingdom. Edward II is captured and imprisoned by his queen, Isabella, and her lover, Mortimer. Go to Bruce, Edward d. Edward II, imprisoned by his wife and her lover, dies in Berkeley castle - almost certainly the victim of murder.

The English finally accept a treaty, in Edinburgh, declaring that Robert de Bruce is king of a Scotland 'free and divided from the kingdom of England'. A poll tax imposed in England provokes widespread unrest, which flares up in the Peasants' Revolt. Go to Tyler, Wat d. Go to Robert III c. A dangerous feud develops between two of England's most powerful barons, Henry of Bolingbroke son of John of Gaunt and Thomas de Mowbray. Go to John of Gaunt b. Henry of Bolingbroke returns to England to lead an armed rebellion against his cousin the king.

Richard II dies in Pontefract castle, almost certainly starved to death on the orders of the new king - insecure on his throne as an undeniable usurper. Go to Owain Glyn Dwr b. Go to James I b. Go to Henry V b. The treaty of Troyes, between the English and the Burgundian faction, grants Henry V the status of heir to the French throne. Henry V marries Catherine, daughter of the French king and sister of the rightful heir to the kingdom, the dauphin, who is on the opposing side.

Go to Henry VI b. Go to James II b. An engagement at St Albans is the first battle in the year struggle between the white and red roses of York and Lancaster. Go to James III b. May in The Kings and Queens of Britain 2 rev ed. Go to Margaret of Denmark b. Edward IV, landing at Calais with a large army, is bought off at Picquigny with a bribe - ending his attempt to revive the Hundred Years' War. Go to Edward V b. Richard III has himself proclaimed king by a parliament held at Westminster, and begins a short reign of only two years.

The king of France is among those supporting Perkin Warbeck, supposedly a prince from the Tower, in his attempt on the English throne. Go to Perkin Warbeck b. Go to James IV b. On the death of his father at Flodden, the one-year-old James V becomes king of Scotland. Go to James V b. Catherine of Aragon gives birth to a daughter, Mary, who becomes the only one of her six children to live beyond infancy. Go to Wolsey, Thomas c.

Go to Cranmer, Thomas — in World Encyclopedia 1 ed. Anne Boleyn has a child the future Elizabeth I but not of the sex her husband wanted.

Thomas More refuses to take the oath accepting the Act of Supremacy and is beheaded. Wales is merged within the English kingdom as a principality. Go to Anne Boleyn b. Go to Edward VI b. Go to Jane Seymour b. Mary I succeeds to the English throne, and devotes her energies to the restoration of the Catholic faith. Mary I causes grave offence in England by her marriage to the Catholic heir to the king of Spain. The Protestant martyrs, though few in number, ensure the reputation of Bloody Mary in English history.

Elizabeth I succeeds peacefully to the throne of England, after the turmoil of Mary's Catholic reign. William Cecil, later Lord Burghley, becomes Elizabeth's principal secretary - and remains in the post for forty years.

With its strong French connection, the Scottish royal name of Stewart begins to be spelt Stuart there being no 'w' in native French words. Mary Queen of Scots' secretary, David Rizzio, is dragged from her presence and stabbed to death. Go to Rizzio, David c. Mary Queen of Scots' husband Darnley is treacherously involved in the murder of her secretary, Rizzio.

Darnley is murdered, almost certainly at the instigation of Mary Queen of Scots' lover, Bothwell, whom she marries just three months later. A casket of letters seems to incriminate Mary Queen of Scots herself in the murder of her husband, Darnley. The events of this year give the Protestant nobility the occasion and opportunity of deposing Mary Queen of Scots.

Go to James I — in World Encyclopedia 1 ed. Mary Queen of Scots flees across the border to seek the help of her English cousin, Elizabeth, but finds herself kept under close guard. Pope Pius V excommunicates the English queen, Elizabeth I, causing a severe crisis of loyalty for her Catholic subjects.

Mary Queen of Scots, implicated in the Babington plot, is beheaded in Fotheringay castle. James VI of Scotland argues in an anonymous book that kings, appointed by God, are above human law. Go to Charles I —49 in World Encyclopedia 1 ed.

The English parliament attempts to clip the wings of the new king, Charles I, by placing an annual limit on his power to raise taxes.

Book:Kings & Queens of England

He became heir to the throne on the death of his brother, Prince Henry, in He succeeded, as the second Stuart King of Great Britain, in Controversy and disputes dogged Charles throughout his reign. The wars deeply divided people at the time, and historians still disagree about the real causes of the conflict, but it is clear that Charles was not a successful ruler. Charles was reserved he had a residual stammer , self-righteous and had a high concept of royal authority, believing in the divine right of kings.

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Charles I (r. 1625-1649)

On his death bed in Westminster, Edward the Confessor designates Harold - foremost among England's barons - as his successor. Edward the Confessor is buried in his new abbey church at Westminster, consecrated only the previous week. On the day of Edward's burial, Harold is crowned king - almost certainly in the same abbey church at Westminster. Go to Harold II c.

Around midnight on a clear night lit by a new moon, the White Ship weighed anchor and set off for England. Please call before going to store. I would definitely recommend this book, I didn't value English history much before I read this, and now I hope to read more about this time period and the ones preceding and succeeding it if I get the chance!

Charles I (r. 1625-1649)

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