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quantitative solutions in hydrogeology and groundwater modeling pdf

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In general, groundwater flow and transport models are being applied to investigate a wide variety of hydrogeological conditions besides to calculate the rate and direction of movement of groundwater through aquifers and confining units in the subsurface. Transport models estimate the concentration of a chemical in groundwater which requires the development of a calibrated groundwater flow model or, at a minimum, an accurate determination of the velocity and direction of groundwater flow that is based on field data. All the available hydrogeological, geophysical and water quality data in Musi basin, Hyderabad, India, were fed as input to the model to obtain the groundwater flow velocities and the interaction of surface water and groundwater and thereby seepage loss was estimated. This in turn paved the way to calculate the capacity of the storage treatment plants STP to be established at the inlets of six major lakes of the basin. The total dissolved solid was given as the pollutant load in the mass transport model, and through model simulation, its migration at present and futuristic scenarios was brought out by groundwater flow and mass transport modeling. The average groundwater velocity estimated through the flow model was 0.

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Modeling an Aquifer: Numerical Solution to the Groundwater Flow Equation

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Academic Press, Inc. BEER, J. Reidel Publishing Co. Central Ground Water Board, Govt. In: Poeter Hill and Zheng Eds. Managing Groundwater systems, pp. Ground Water, v.

perspectives for surface waters, from the chemical and quantitative perspectives for ecosystems, and (iii) devising joint modelling solutions for water planning [5​]. current groundwater abstraction rates affect the hydrogeological /​documenti/guida_uso/pdf/geoscopio_help_lotusdream.org (accessed on 1.

Quantitative Solutions in Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling

In this study, analytical models for predicting groundwater contamination in isotropic and homogeneous porous formations are derived. The impact of dispersion and diffusion coefficients is included in the solution of the advection-dispersion equation ADE , subjected to transient time-dependent boundary conditions at the origin. A retardation factor and zero-order production terms are included in the ADE. For illustration, analytical solutions for linearly space- and time-dependent hydrodynamic dispersion coefficients along with molecular diffusion coefficients are presented.

Agarwal, R. An investigation of wellbore storage and skin effects in unsteady liquid flow Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal A new method to account for producing time effects when drawdown type curves are used to analyze pressure buildup and other test data.

Groundwater modeling of Musi basin Hyderabad, India: a case study

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Modeling an Aquifer: Numerical Solution to the Groundwater Flow Equation


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