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matter and memory bergson pdf

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Melissa Mcmahon. London: Continuum, Athlone Contemporary European Thinkers.

Matter and memory

Within that frame, the analysis of memory serves the purpose of clarifying the problem. Ribot claimed that the findings of brain science proved that memory is lodged within a particular part of the nervous system; localized within the brain and thus being of a material nature. Bergson was opposed to this reduction of spirit to matter. Defending a clear anti-reductionist position, he considered memory to be of a deeply spiritual nature, the brain serving the need of orienting present action by inserting relevant memories. The brain thus being of a practical nature, certain lesions tend to perturb this practical function, but without erasing memory as such.

Matter and Memory

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Paul and W. Palmer and Jelliffe. It is customary to classify these efforts under the heading of a philosophy of life.

Matter And Memory

Access options available:. The Reality of the Virtual: Bergson and Deleuze Keith Ansell Pearson Questions relating to subject and object, to their distinction and their union, should be put in terms of time rather than of space. Time is not the interior in us, but just the opposite, the interiority in which we are, in which we move, live and change. Subjectivity is never ours, it is time, that is, the soul or the spirit, the virtual. In his text Bergsonism , Gilles Deleuze wrote that, "A philosophy such as this assumes that the notion of the virtual stops being vague and indeterminate" B 96;

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Matter And Memory

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This paper aims to introduce readers to a few considerations regarding education found in the philosophy of Henri Bergson, especially in his posthumously published courses, conferences and addresses. At its core is the idea that the will corresponds to the moving aspect of our consciousness through which we learn and think. In this sense, learning difficulties imply the presence of obstacles to the will, which must be removed by pedagogical effort so the movement of learning and thought can be reestablished. Finally, from this is drawn a pedagogy of movement whose task is to enable thought and learning to flow freely towards the unknown, the new, the future. The goal of this paper is therefore to highlight his considerations on the notions of will and education, developed through the issue of learning, to propose a unique way of reflecting on educational practices in all moments of life, which may pave the way to a pedagogical ethics that favors learning and thought. Therefore, it is not about spontaneity, enlightenment or technicism; on the contrary, it is a pedagogy of problematics, of intellectual work, of effort. Its first operation is not to bestow, but to remove, extract, unclog what prevents or hinders the movement of thought and learning.


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Henri Bergson

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