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muscle and fitness rock hard challenge month 2 pdf

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It's not too late. For the PDF version of the entire Month 1 training program, click here.

Every year, we introduce a new program in late spring designed to get you in the best possible shape in time for Fourth of July barbecues and a summer of beach parties and shirtless pride. Crack of dawn cardio sessions and marathon lifting? Leave those to the professional physique athletes who get paid to do it—or the wackos who just like to suffer.


Embed Size px x x x x Heres the three-month program thatll whip you into your best-ever shape. And bigger and better than ever. Once again, were throwing down the gauntlet challenging you to burn fat, build muscle and transform your body over a three-month period. And, of course, we provide you with an awesome physique-tweaking training and nutrition blueprint to guide your efforts.

The Rock Hard Challenge 2013 Workout Month 2

Perform this entire warmup on all weight-training days. On cardio days, exclude the shoulder pre-exhaust portion. Done correctly, the entire warmup will take 20 minutes: 10 minutes to jog, 5 minutes for the dynamic warmup, and 5 minutes for the shoulder pre-exhaust. Bring the weights back in front of you, then lower them. Hold your arms straight out to the sides, then sweep your hands forward straight out in front of you. Bring the weights back to your sides, then lower.

Rock Hard Challenge: Part 2

And bigger and better than ever. The big twist this time around is that but effective. Those changes in three short months. See rules on page for details. Check out www.

Good Health Quincy. Search this site. Visual Impact Torrent. Muscle and fitness rock hard challenge month 2.

The 2018 Rock Hard Challenge: Part 2

Rock Hard Challenge Month 2 Workout

Momentum is a powerful force. To keep the gains coming, you need to be locked in—locked into the training, locked into eating right, locked into fully recovering between workouts via supplements and proper sleep habits. Do these things and eight weeks will be over before you know it. Part 2 of the RHC training program follows the same basic format of Part 1. Time is money, especially in Hollywood. This program is designed to get you into the gym with a plan and to execute.

It's not too late. This is it. The homestretch.

Finish out the final four weeks of the Rock Hard Challenge strong, and you'll be looking beach-ready by the start of summer.

2016 Rock Hard Challenge: Month 1

Welcome to the second month of our Rock Hard training program. This is called training economy. What it is: A massive set performed for time, designed to pump your target muscle group for that day while accelerating your heart rate and metabolism. To begin, start your timer and perform your first set, which should take about 20—30 seconds.

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