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construction and working principle of francis turbine pdf

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As we all know about the turbine. They have vast application and can be classified in different ways.

Francis turbine is a hydraulic and reaction turbine and it is the most preferable hydraulic turbine. Francis Turbine contributes more than 60 percent of hydraulic energy capacity to the world.

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Francis turbine

Turbines using the impulse action of water are the best ones. Francis, an American civil engineer comes up with his turbine called Francis turbine. He is just mixing them up. The magic lies in his amazing design of blades, these blades rotate using both reaction and impulse force of water flowing through them. The ability of francis turbine to use both the kinetic and potential energy to produce power, shorts out a major problem of water head availability as it could be used efficiently for head as low as 50m to as high as m and also for a wide range of flow rates which could be as low as 10 meter-cube per second to as high as meter-cube per second. It is the most widely used turbine in the hydro-power plants.

Francis Turbine is the first hydraulic turbine with radial inflow. It was designed by American scientist James Francis. Francis Turbine is a reaction turbine. Reaction Turbines have some primary features which differentiate them from Impulse Turbines. The major part of pressure drop occurs in the turbine itself, unlike the impulse turbine where complete pressure drop takes place up to the entry point and the turbine passage is completely filled by the water flow during the operation. Francis Turbine has a circular plate fixed to the rotating shaft perpendicular to its surface and passing through its center. This circular plate has curved channels on it; the plate with channels is collectively called as runner.

Kaplan Turbine – its Components, Working and Application

In the last session, we had discussed briefly on the Kaplan Turbine and Hydraulic Turbine. Francis Turbine is a mixed flow reaction Turbine in which water enters radially at its outer periphery and leaves axially at its centre. In Francis Turbine, Water from the Penstock enter a scroll casing spiral casing that surrounds the runner. From the scroll casing, water passes through a speed ring or stay ring which consists of a series of fixed vanes called stay vanes. The function of the speed ring is to direct the water from casing to the guide vanes or wicket gates and further resist the load imposed upon it. From the speed ring, water passes through a series of guide vanes provided around the periphery aerofoil shaped of the runner.

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The modern Francis turbine is an inward mixed flow. (radial and work in the runner vanes, water leaves the turbine axially through a straight divergent cone pressured water below the dam or diversion structure to the powerhouse. The.

Francis Turbine: Parts, Working, Efficiency, Advantages, Disadvantages [With PDF]

It is an inward flow reaction turbine that combines radial and axial flow concepts. The Francis turbine is the most common water turbine used today. The Francis turbine operates a head range of 10 meters to several hundred meters and is primarily used for electrical power production.

The Francis turbine is a type of water turbine that was developed by James B. Francis in Lowell, Massachusetts. Francis turbines are the most common water turbine in use today. The electric generators that most often use this type of turbine have a power output that generally ranges from just a few kilowatts up to MW, though mini-hydro installations may be lower. Penstock input pipes diameters are between 1 and 10 m.

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Francis Turbine Working Principle, Main Parts, Diagram and Application

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Francis Turbine Working Principle, Main Parts, Diagram and Application Closed Cycle Gas Turbine: Construction, Working, diagram.

Reaction Turbine : Basic Principle, Construction and Working

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    Francis Turbine: Definition, Construction or Parts, Working Principle, Efficiency, Advantages [Notes & PDF] · Francis turbine is a hydraulic and reaction turbine and it.

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    A Francis Turbine is a type of reaction turbine in which inward flow of water is mixed.

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    Francis Turbine is a mixed flow reaction Turbine in which water enters radially Parts, Working, Velocity Diagram, Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages [​PDF] Let's see the Working Principle of Francis Turbine in a detailed way. article, we will discuss the Kaplan Turbine with its construction, working, advantages.