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difference between qualitative and quantitative research design pdf

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Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

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Comparison between Qualitative and Quantitative Research Approaches Social Sciences

Research is the most widely used tool to increase and brush-up the stock of knowledge about something and someone. While the qualitative research relies on verbal narrative like spoken or written data, the quantitative research uses logical or statistical observations to draw conclusions. In a qualitative research, there are only a few non-representative cases are used as a sample to develop an initial understanding. Unlike, quantitative research in which a sufficient number of representative cases are taken to consideration to recommend a final course of action. Basis for Comparison Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Meaning Qualitative research is a method of inquiry that develops understanding on human and social sciences, to find the way people think and feel. Quantitative research is a research method that is used to generate numerical data and hard facts, by employing statistical, logical and mathematical technique.

By Dr. Saul McLeod , updated Jump to Quantitative Research Data. Qualitative research is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting non-numerical data, such as language. Qualitative research can be used to understand how an individual subjectively perceives and gives meaning to their social reality. Qualitative data is defined as non-numerical data, such as text, video, photographs or audio recordings. This type of data can be collected using diary accounts or in-depth interviews, and analyzed using grounded theory or thematic analysis.

quantitative techniques. This paper, after the definition of terms, compares the differences. between the two methods and proceed.

Qualitative vs. quantitative research

Published on April 12, by Raimo Streefkerk. Revised on February 15, When collecting and analyzing data, quantitative research deals with numbers and statistics, while qualitative researc h deals with words and meanings. Both are important for gaining different kinds of knowledge.

Once you get started with human behavior research you soon find yourself running into the question of whether your research project is qualitative or quantitative in nature. There are inherent differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods, although their objectives and applications overlap in many ways. Qualitative research is considered to be particularly suitable for exploratory research e. It is primarily used to discover and gain an in-depth understanding of individual experiences, thoughts, opinions, and trends, and to dig deeper into the problem at hand. The data collection toolkit of a qualitative researcher is quite versatile, ranging from completely unstructured to semi-structured techniques.

The distinction between qualitative and quantitative research methods is problematic

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    The simplest distinction between these two is that quantitative research methods involve enumeration, whereas qualitative research methods.

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