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datastage scenario based interview questions and answers pdf

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About Me. DataStage Scenario - Problem1. DataStage Scenario - Problem2.

Introduction to Datastage DataStage is an ETL tool that is used in graphical notation to build solutions to data integration. The job role in DataStage comprises the knowledge of data warehouse, ETL, data storage, configuration, design, various stages, and modules in data stages. DataStage is used to integrate various systems multiple systems and processes high volumes of data. The popularity of DataStage is because of the user-friendly graphical front-end to design jobs.

DataStage Interview Questions And Answers

Most of the you just simply prepare for the interview questions by reading conceptual questions and ignore preparing for the scenario questions. That is the reason here i am providing the scenarios which mostly asked in the interviews. Be prepared with the below interview questions. Create a job to load the first record from a flat file into one table A, the last record from a flat file into table B and the remaining records into table C? Create a job to load all unique products in one table and the duplicate rows in to another table.

Learn DataStage interview questions and crack your next interview. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. Below mentioned are the Top Frequently asked Datastage Interview Questions and Answers that will help you to prepare for the Datastage interview. Let's have a look at them. Following are the Topics Covered, In this Article. It uses a graphical notation to construct data integration solutions and is available in various versions such as the Server Edition, the Enterprise Edition, and the MVS Edition.

Datastage Real time scenario

This information you provided in the blog that is really unique I love it!! Thanks for sharing such a great blog Keep posting.. Datastage Interview Questions and Answers. Home Contact About. Shortcut Tricks.

Hi, I have one sequential file that contains two table records. Thanks for the Great article with such a informative content…. Hey , really this is nice link thanks for sharing this information. Running a best training institute in Delhi which provide online training for students and also provide certification courses which is very beneficial for those students who wants a bright future in IT industry. Howdy Mate, Thanks for highlighting this and indicating about Datastage Scenarios and solutions where more study and thought is necessary.

If you provide answers for all scenarios,it will be help full because of more confusing to do answers. At the end of 1st record processing stage variable svCumulativeSum has value of So on and so forth. Q3: Use the same approach as above but sort the data in descending order before this step. If required, re-sort the data. Home Contact About. Shortcut Tricks.

Download DataStage Scenario in PDF · DataStage Scenario #3 - Fetch middle one DataStage Scenario Based Interview Question #1 · DataStage Scenario.

DataStage Scenario Based Interview Questions-1

In DataStage interview questions, you will get all the information you need to clear your DataStage interviews with care. As part of these interview questions.. Read More and answers, you will learn the difference between DataStage and Informatica, DataStage routine, join, merge, and lookup stages comparison, quality state, job control, performance tuning of jobs, repository table, data type conversions, and more.

This we can do by using transfromer.

DataStage Scenario & Quiz

You can use Loop to read the values and use Constraints to output the value to the desired output link. In transformer using constraints we can achieve 1. In usual case, we need to use sort, filter and target file. But in this scenario, as the column in unique, they we cannot expect duplicates. Take three stage variables as stgA,stgB,stgC.

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Answer:?? You may face complex job scenarios also. I am trying to gather all the DataStage scenarios and solutions for those questions. Below I.

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Datastage Scenario Based Questions.pdf

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