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Scripture Reference: Genesis , Suggested Emphasis or Theme: God wants us to always do our best when we serve Him just like Abel did. Abel was faithful and offered the best meat from his best lamb in his flock to God as a sacrifice. Cain offered some produce from his crops as his offering to God. This made Cain so angry that he killed his own brother, Abel.

Cain & Abel

They use the bookmarks in their bibles. The Adventure Bible — Genesis 4: pg. Art Workshop Summary of Lesson Activities:. Scripture Reference:. Opening Prayer: Jesus, we thank you for bringing us here today.

Thank you for our families and friends that love us. Help us to show our love to them, just as you have asked us to do. If children did not bring their Bibles from home, use the classroom Bibles.

Locate and review the Bible lesson at this time. It might have been at home, in their neighborhood, in school, or someplace else. How do they help people to get along with each other? Help them to develop a list of ideas of both things they have done and things they can think of that they could do.

Introduce the art project by telling them they are going to make a book containing pictures of themselves as peacemakers. Each page will show them doing something to make peace. The picture can be of something they have done or something that they could do.

Before they start drawing in the books, tape the photographs onto the last page of their books so that their faces show through the holes in each page above it. Now they can draw their bodies and some scenery to depict themselves as peacemakers in action.

Clean-up: Encourage the children to help clean up. Put away all art supplies. Gather the children together. Remind them to bring their Bibles. Ask for prayer requests and close with prayer. Closing: Closing Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for all the ways that we can make peace in our world. We know we are your children!

A representative of Rotation. Games Workshop Summary of Lesson Activities:. Children will play a "stomp" game. Pick one child to start, then go around the room No need to keep score unless you really want to. Stomp with their feet — or sit on — the balloon to break it. Read the question.

Answer the question Will need to reprint questions for each week, as some of them get torn during the play. Have the child pick up the balloon pieces and throw away. Abel 2. Who was older: Cain or Abel? Cain 4. What did Abel do for a living? Shepherd — keeper of sheep 5. Grain farmer — tiller of the soil 6. When Cain and Abel brought God their burnt offering, which one was pleasing to God? Why do you think it was? Abel — meat — his offering was the best he had, Cain was just giving him some of his produce — not his best.

In the story of Cain and Abel, who killed who? Cain killed Abel 8. After Abel died, God asked Cain where his brother was. How did Cain respond? After Cain killed Abel, God gave Cain a punishment. Name one punishment. What did God do to Cain, so others would know not to hurt Cain? Do we ever blame others for something we have done, instead of admitting we were wrong? Can you think of an example? Name a time when you have been jealous and name a better response.

Or name a time when someone has been jealous and a better response. When God was asking where Abel was, why did Cain lie? Not get in trouble. Why is it so wrong to lie? Name one emotion felt in the Cain and Abel story.

Jealousy, anger, hatred, scared If you felt like that, what should you do? Name another emotion felt in the Cain and Abel story. God tells us in his commandments that we should not envy; that jealousy is wrong. Why is jealousy wrong? What can we do about it?

We should learn to be happy with what we have, jealousy can lead to other sins, We can pray, reason with ourselves… What is an offering? Something we give because we want to not because we have to Why do we bring offerings to God? Cain thought that by getting rid of Abel, he would get rid of the problem.

Did it work? How did God show that even though we make mistakes, He is ready to forgive us and let us start over? God always wants us to give our best. What does that mean to you? We often make small mistakes and turn them into big mistakes. How do we do that? Have the first person start with the 1st letter of the alphabet. Find a reason to praise God, beginning with the letter A. We should praise God every chance we get. Look at the Book of Psalms — it is full of praises.

Closing: Clean-up: Encourage the children to help clean up. Put away all game supplies. Closing Prayer: Help us, Lord, remember that our parents discipline us because they love us. Help us each day to be better Christians and show respect to our parents by listening and obeying them. Puppet Workshop Summary of Lesson Activities:.

We like to use our puppets to emphasize application of the Bible story to the children's lives today. Cain and Able is a perfect story for this. Tape recording the script works best. The kids can then concentrate on understanding the words and meaning rather than on the mechanics of reading - even for 5th graders this works.

Start with warm ups to practice certain reactions with the puppets. This allows you to talk about the various emotions the kids feel and relate them to the characters in the play and the Bible story. Also: Cain — C for crops, Abel — A for animals. God made man and woman. And on the 7th day, God rested. God saw everything that He made, and behold, it was very good. When the sons grew up, Abel was a shepherd — the keeper of the sheep. Cain was a farmer — a tiller of the ground.

Add altar, and grain And Abel brought the best of his flock and presented them to the Lord. Cain became furious and his face grew dark with rage. You could be bright with joy if you had done the right thing.

If you refuse to obey — watch out! Sin is longing to destroy you — but you can overcome it! Where is Abel? No longer will it grow crops for you — no matter how hard you work.

Cain and Abel

They use the bookmarks in their bibles. The Adventure Bible — Genesis 4: pg. Art Workshop Summary of Lesson Activities:. Scripture Reference:. Opening Prayer: Jesus, we thank you for bringing us here today. Thank you for our families and friends that love us. Help us to show our love to them, just as you have asked us to do.

Cain and Abel

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T he Mactacio Abel , or Killing of Abel , one of the six plays, as we have seen, commonly attributed to the Wakefield Master and found in the Towneley manuscript, 1 presents the audience with a double vision of Cain. Unable to display preview.

Lesson: Cain and Abel

Cain is a dramatic work by Lord Byron published in Cain is an example of the literary genre known as closet drama. The play commences with Cain refusing to participate in his family's prayer of thanksgiving to God. Cain tells his father he has nothing to thank God for because he is fated to die.

Cain and Abel. Abel became a herder of flocks, and Cain a tiller of the ground. So Cain was very angry and dejected. Why are you dejected? You shall become a constant wanderer on the earth.

Found at lotusdream.org and-abel. Narrator: After Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden,​.

After the Fall in the garden of Eden, two sons were born to Adam and Eve. Their names were Cain and Abel. We find their story in Genesis 4.

Law: Obligation and Legal Parody in the Cain and Abel Plays

The object lesson and story game at the end will help students connect the message to their lives.

Teacher's Guides. Sometimes when we read the Bible, we wonder why God cared about some of the things He cared about. The story of Cain and Abel is one of those stories for some people. A long time ago, just after Adam and Eve had to leave the garden of Eden, they were very sad about disobeying God.