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Mountain hazards

This study presents an enhanced analysis of the subsidence rates and their effects on Mexico City. As a result of excess water withdrawal, Mexico City is experiencing subsidence. We integrated and analyzed Int Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 8 Content type: Research. Published on: 5 March This is characterized b Authors: Nega Getachew and Matebie Meten.

Published on: 27 February It has been known that Bengkulu City Indonesia is vulnerable to undergo seismic damage. Published on: 25 February Heavy rainfall frequently occurred in Kyushu and triggers the landslides every year. This study observes the landslides which occurred in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. The landslides in this study, consistin Published on: 9 February Geochemical, mineralogical, geotechnical and geophysical analyses were condu Published on: 22 January The unique geography and fragile geological condition have made Nepal more prone to various types of disasters.

The Gorkha Earthquake had a serious effect on one-third of the population of Nepal. Published on: 9 January Uatzau basin in northwestern Ethiopia is one of the most landslide-prone regions, which characterized by frequent high landslide occurrences causing damages in farmlands, non-cultivated lands, properties, and Authors: Azemeraw Wubalem.

Published on: 5 January Recent years have shown a significant increase in the occurrence of floods globally, with an impact on habitation and different sectors of the economy. This, in turn, necessitates the use of different flood mi Authors: S. Deepak, Gopika Rajan and P. Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 7 Published on: 14 December In drylands around the world, ephemeral lakes playas are common. Authors: R. Eibedingil and Marcos Mendez.

Published on: 10 December The present study is to know the role of organizations and make an assessment on their assistance regarding preparedness and emergency response of flood disaster affected people. This study has used a mixed-me Authors: Babul Hossain. Published on: 25 November Gully erosion is a major environmental problem in Gombe town, a large area of land is becoming unsuitable for human settlement, hence the need for a gully erosion susceptibility map of the study area.

To gener Published on: 23 November The Atlantic coast of Morocco has been exposed to marine submersion events from storm surges and tsunamis which have resulted in human and economic losses. The absence of long term records for these hazards ma Published on: 12 November During the last decade, 2. As economic growth is correlated with the resilience of Published on: 10 November In Nepal, rockfall related studies are rarely conducted and are limited to the landslide study along with few case studies on rockfall events.

Rockfall problems in Nepal are more frequent in the Higher Himalay Published on: 3 October Shallow landslides occur frequently on the Aso volcanic mountains. The soil materials on the Aso volcanic mountains consist of tephra layers formed by volcanic activities. This study is aimed to specify the ph Published on: 2 October This study aimed to characterize the topographic effect on landslides attributes and explore the implications on risk management in a tropical mountainous environment.

A database was constructed based on lands Authors: B. Nakileza and S. Published on: 24 September Different water related risks such as lake outburst floods and water scarcity are typically assessed by separate methods and often by separate research communities. However, in a local context such as in mount Published on: 23 September Landslides are the second biggest natural disasters in Indonesia, occurring mostly in volcanic area with thick and clay rich soils.

Examining the changes of land surface and soil morphology brought about by a Published on: 11 September In the Parangtritis Beach tourism area located in the Southern Mountain of Yogyakarta, karst hills were excavated to build the main accessing road and produce some of long and very steep slopes along the sides Authors: Karlina Triana and Koko Hermawan. Published on: 26 August The primary purpose of this study is to find out and discuss the characteristics, causes, and consequences of the landslides of June 13, , in the Rangamati district Bangladesh.

Since rainfall triggered the Published on: 15 August This involved Published on: 2 July Geotechnical studies are carried out to investigate the location and magnitude of a prehistoric earthquake in eastern Canada. Authors: Baolin Wang. Published on: 24 June Physiographically, it is part of the northwestern highlands of Ethiopia. This area is part Authors: Tilahun Mersha and Matebie Meten.

Published on: 15 June Estuarine shorelines similar to marine coastlines are highly dynamic and may increase disaster risk in vulnerable communities. The situation is expected to worsen with climate change impacts and increasing ant Authors: K. Appeaning Addo, E. Brempong and P. Published on: 25 May Landslides are the most destructive geological hazard in the hilly regions. For systematic landslide mitigation and management, landslide evaluation and hazard zonation is required.

Over the past few decades s Content type: Review. Published on: 20 May Global sea-level changes have been a major topic among scientists. Sea-level changes are not globally uniform. Reconstruction of paleo sea-level changes and monitoring of variations in regional sea-level are i Panchala Weerakoon. Published on: 12 May Tunisia is one of countries most affected by desertification. Sustainability of its resources, particularly agricultural ones, is closely dependent on it. Studies have multiplied to understand this phenomenon Authors: Chokri Bedoui.


With the development of mining industry, the intensity of mining work is gradually increasing, which makes mine disasters occur during mining. In this study, the current situation of mineral resource exploitation region was analyzed, and the mine geological hazards caused by high-intensity mining were summarized, including debris flow, landslide and ground fissure. Study of the distribution characteristics of related geological hazards suggested that the area affected by surface collapse caused by ground fissures was the largest, while debris flows and landslide posed a great threat to life. In view of the potential safety hazards caused by geological hazards in mines, establishment of disaster information base and strengthening of measures for disaster prevention and control were proposed. Finally, mineral resources were protected to restore the environment. Geological hazards are classified as natural hazards according to their causes.

View all media. View all publications. This Report highlights common challenges to increase global cooperation around mountain adaptation. View all activities. Completed Mountains. Graphic Mountain Adaptati The analysis uses statistics at the national level.

This study presents an enhanced analysis of the subsidence rates and their effects on Mexico City. As a result of excess water withdrawal, Mexico City is experiencing subsidence. We integrated and analyzed Int Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 8 Content type: Research. Published on: 5 March This is characterized b

Disaster Risk Reduction and Building Resilience in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

It is also one of the most hazard-prone. Because of its steep terrain, high seismicity, fragile geological formation, and intense and highly variable precipitation, the HKH is especially vulnerable to floods, landslides, avalanches, and earthquakes well - established. More than one billion people are at risk of exposure to increasing frequency and intensity of natural hazards.

A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth ; examples include floods , hurricanes , tornadoes , volcanic eruptions , earthquakes , tsunamis , storms , and other geologic processes. A natural disaster can cause loss of life or damage property, [1] and typically leaves some economic damage in its wake, the severity of which depends on the affected population's resilience and on the infrastructure available. In modern times, the divide between natural, man-made and man-accelerated is quite difficult to draw [3] [4] [5] with human choices like architecture, [6] fire, [7] [8] resource management [8] [9] or even climate change [10] potentially playing a role.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Building Resilience in the Hindu Kush Himalaya


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    GOALS (SDGs). Sustainable mountain development should be a global priority given the rable to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters yet there are sasters in mountain regions pose to sustainable development; also, the.