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Portrait photography tips: how to take perfect people pictures

When it comes to taking portraits, there are many different ways to go about it — so there are plenty of great portrait photography tips to learn, whether you are capturing candid moments out on the streets or putting together skilled lighting setups in the studio.

The background is just as important as the subject in the frame. Where you place your subject will reveal lots about them, for example, are they in a studio, in a familiar environment, out on location, or in their workplace? All these decisions need to be thought thoroughly through, and enhance your portrait in what you want to say and reveal about your subject.

Blurred backgrounds look great for portraiture and it can help to isolate your subject to make them stand out. Look for obstructions like this as you shoot else you may be disappointed when you bring your images up on the computer at the editing stage. The eyes are the key to the soul and the connection to the audience.

Even if the eyes are closed this says something about the subject, for example, are they shy, worried or perhaps thoughtful. If the eyes are looking into the lens make sure they are pinpoint sharp closest eye if your subject is at an angle.

Use a single AF focus point and select it manually to be sure you are spot on. There is nothing more satisfying then capturing your subject in a special unstaged moment, so for this reason the fly on the wall and informal candid approach is loved by many when it comes to portraiture. A 50mm lens is often a good choice when taking pics on the go as the angle of view imitates what our eyes see. For that reason, you can be fast when observing and composing your shots.

When it comes to shooting portraits your basic camera settings are important. We recommend you put your camera into the Manual mode for full control. Start with the aperture setting and decide how much of the face you want to be in focus. Take for example this image here which uses the frame in a frame in a frame idea. Photoshop is a wonderful tool and can be used in conjunction with the portrait genre to create some great results.

What lens you pick will determine the look and feel of your portrait. Long lenses for example mm view are great for portraiture as they compress facial features for a flattering result. They can also blur the background more further isolating the subject. Wide angle lenses are traditionally not used for portraiture, however they still have their uses.

If you want to shoot environmental portraits then a wide angle lens might be better. Placing people in their environment surrounded by their possessions or hobby reveals so much about them. If using using a wide angle lens around mm then make sure your subject is comfortably in the middle of the frame and not close up on the face as it may distort their features. A flashgun is a great photographic accessory for portraiture that can be used remotely as it is small and portable to carry, plus powered by battery without the use of mains.

If you have the budget to invest get a couple of units as it will open up your creative possibilities. Grey cloudy days are perfect for portraits as the clouds act like a big diffuser panel. Sunny days are fine too however avoid the midday sun especially in the summer as the light is hard and tricky to work with, and can cause unflattering shadows. On bright sunny days we recommend placing your subject in shaded areas.

A great tip when positioning your subject is to spin them around in a degree circle to see how the light falls on their face for the optimum result. The file that comes directly out of a camera especially a raw uncompressed one is never going to look as good as an edited one.

Editing allows us to bring back emotions to our portraits and also tidy up unwanted skin blemishes and spots. Photoshop is a good tool to use for cleaning up marks and spots on the face however remember not to go too far with your beautifying. Although we can remove every line, crinkle and flaw from your subject you want your sitter to still look like them and not an alien!

Remember that taking a portrait is just as much about the subject as the photographer! Your subject will reflect your behaviour and directions so be clear in what you want to achieve. If your technical skills still require more thinking keep practicing with your camera to get more familiar and comfortable with it. Once you can get past having to think about your camera settings you can focus more on your subject and their posing and position.

Remember everyone has to start somewhere and we all have failed portrait photoshoots - that is how you learn! Talk with your model beforehand and ask them to be patient with you. That is harder with children though!

Firstly kids are fun - such good fun. They have tons of energy and many of them love to perform in front of the camera.

Keep them busy and if they have loads of energy let them jump it out, run towards you and spring around. Many parents like to have a mixture of images that reflect reality rather than cheesy staged ones.

There are certain subjects that lend themselves to the portrait genre. Older people with a story to tell and texture on their face are brilliant subjects to photograph.

Try converting your image to monochrome to make the most of the textures and push the contrast up to enhance the black and white tones. This photo shoot of ballerina Lydia Brayshaw was taken on a secluded beach in Devon. The idea behind the shoot was for Lydia to dance with the scenery blending the idyllic beach scene and the ballet together.

The warm glowing evening summer light was a key part of the feel for the images and no flash was used. Equally a piece of white card close to the face will pick up features or if you want to darken the shadows for a moody result you can use a piece of black card to flag the light.

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10 Techniques for Amazing Portraits

In VOLUME 2 of the 3-volume companion guides Portrait Recipes available individually or as a bundle , various indoor portrait scenarios are illustrated, and 8 different detailed lighting setups are revealed. Detailed diagrams showing placement of lights be it speedlights or available light accompany each scenario, with EXIF settings shown, and my thought process described. These are the 8 scenarios in this volume of Portrait Recipes. Each scenario comes with its own set of challenges, and I will reveal tips that include:. How a speedlight-lit portrait compares to one that was shot entirely with available light quick. Guerrilla-style lighting techniques that deliver results with a basic set of equipment.

An incorrect exposure will turn an otherwise well composed wildlife image into something mediocre and, at worst, completely ruin a shot. All digital cameras have an automatic […]. Continue Reading. Lens hoods: do they really make a difference? Actually, there are many benefits to using one. David Bergman from Adorama shows you how lens hoods work and why he uses them all the time: Reasons to Use a Lens Hood It reduces lens flare and improves contrast. Lens flares appear as random bright spots or […].

Portrait photography or portraiture is photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Like other.

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You can find E-Books about photography basics, tips and techniques, landscapes, flowers, portraits, photoshop, lighting, composition, and much more.

SimpleSLR Portrait Recipes Vol. 2

Do you want to take stunning photos with your mobile phone? Mobile photography may seem daunting. Read on to discover 12 mobile photography tips that will dramatically improve your photos. This will remove any sand or dust that may scratch the lens. So, how do you set iPhone camera focus?

As a photographer, you are always looking for skills to develop. Learning how to professionally capture portrait photography is one of them. Portrait photography can be used as a business idea or a way to capture your own personal and family life. Good portrait photographers are sought after and well respected. Product links on ExpertPhotography are referral links.

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    When it comes to taking portraits, there are many different ways to go about it — so there are plenty of great portrait photography tips to learn, whether you are capturing candid moments out on the streets or putting together skilled lighting setups in the studio.