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hydrocarbons questions and answers pdf

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Hydrocarbon , any of a class of organic chemical compounds composed only of the elements carbon C and hydrogen H. The carbon atoms join together to form the framework of the compound , and the hydrogen atoms attach to them in many different configurations.

Which two of the following statements about alkanes are not correct? Which four of the following statements about alkenes are correct? Ethyne gas may be tested for saturation in the laboratory. Select two positive tests from the following:. From the list below, select two compounds that ethyne will dissolve in.

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Identify B and D is the following sequence of reactions. The synthesis of 3-octyne is achieved by adding a bromoalkane into a mixture of sodium amide and an alkyne. The angle strain in cyclobutane is [Karnataka CET ]. The overlapping of orbitals in benzene is of the type [Karnataka CET ]. In the following sequence of reactions, the alkene affords the compound 'B'. Your email address will not be published. Topic: Hydrocarbons, Test No.

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Make sure that your printout includes all content from the page. If it doesn't, try opening this guide in a different browser and printing from there sometimes Internet Explorer works better, sometimes Chrome, sometimes Firefox, etc. Hydrocarbons are the simplest organic compounds, but they have interesting physiological effects. These effects depend on the size of the hydrocarbon molecules and where on or in the body they are applied. Alkanes of low molar mass—those with from 1 to approximately 10 or so carbon atoms—are gases or light liquids that act as anesthetics.

The questions in this document have been compiled from a number of past papers, as indicated in the table below. Use these questions to Explain your answer. (i). (a) Which two of these compounds are saturated hydrocarbons? (ii)​.


Which of the following is an alkane? Looking at the chemical formulae of these compounds, which is an alkane? What is the name of the alkane which has the formula C 4 H 10? Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons. What does this mean?

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