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explain demand and supply theory of exchange rate pdf

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Theory of Price

In finance , an exchange rate is the rate at which one national currency will be exchanged for another. It is also regarded as the value of one country's currency in relation to another currency. Each country determines the exchange rate regime that will apply to its currency. For example, a currency may be floating , pegged fixed , or a hybrid. Governments can impose certain limits and controls on exchange rates.

A foreign exchange market is where one currency is traded for another. There is a demand for each currency and a supply of each currency. In these markets, one currency is bought using another. The price of one currency in terms of another for example, how many dollars it costs to buy one Mexican peso is called the exchange rate. Foreign currencies are demanded by domestic households, firms, and governments who wish to purchase goods, services, or financial assets that are denominated in the currency of another economy. For example, if a US auto importer wants to buy a German car, it must buy euros. The law of demand holds: as the price of a foreign currency increases, the quantity of that currency demanded will decrease.


Price is dependent on the interaction between demand and supply components of a market. Demand and supply represent the willingness of consumers and producers to engage in buying and selling. An exchange of a product takes place when buyers and sellers can agree upon a price. This section of the Agriculture Marketing Manual explains price in a competitive market. When imperfect competition exists, such as with a monopoly or single selling firm, price outcomes may not follow the same general rules.

Exchange rates

Value of the Pound to Dollar In mid, there was a sharp depreciation in the value of the Pound because the UK was hit very hard by the credit crunch. The Pound also dropped after the Brexit vote in June because markets were less optimistic about the long-term fortunes of the UK economy outside the EU.

Finance and Financial Markets pp Cite as. One of the key questions confronting international investors concerns what moves exchange rates? In this chapter, we look at a variety of alternative exchange rate theories. Firstly, we look at purchasing power parity PPP theory which has been advocated as a satisfactory model of exchange rate determination in its own right. Having looked at PPP theory, we proceed to examine how well-suited this theory is to explaining actual exchange rate behaviour since the adoption of generalized floating in

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    This PDF is a selection from an out-of-print volume from the National Bureau of Economic Since the task of exchange rate theory is to explain be- havior observed in of monetary factors affecting the supply and demand for money and real.

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    explain exchange rates, one of the most important prices in modern economies. For the long exchange rate, which is by definition the long-term equilibrium rate (p. ). This is forex market equilibrates also supply and demand for money.