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oil painting techniques and materials harold speed pdf

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Maybe someone will take my words to heart, and actually profit from my experience. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, and always consult your physician before taking any medicine. My first advice to beginners is nothing new: DRAW.

Oil painting techniques and materials

By Harold Speed. Brimming with pertinent insights into the technical aspects and painting in oils, it is also designed to help students perfect powers of observation and expression. Harold Speed has distilled years of painting and pedagogical experience into an expert instructional program covering painting technique, painting from life, materials paints, varnishes, oils and mediums, grounds, etc. Especially instructive is his extensive and perceptive discussion of form, tone, and color, and a fascinating series of detailed "Notes" analyzing the painting styles of Velasquez, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Franz Hals, and Rembrandt. Nearly 70 photographs and drawings illustrate the text, among them prehistoric cave paintings, diagrams of tonal values, stages of portrait painting, and reproductions of masterpieces by Giotto, Vermeer, Ingres, Rembrandt, Titian, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Hals, Giorgione, Poussin, Corot, Veronese, and other luminaries. In addition to these pictorial pleasures, the author further leavens the lessons with thought-provoking opinion. Clear, cogent, and down-to-earth, this time-honored handbook will especially interest serious amateurs studying the technical aspects of oil painting, but its rich insight into the mind and methods of the artist will enlighten and intrigue any art lover.

I love the book club. I always looked forward to the posts about the last book the whole way through. I didn't comment as much as I'd like to have but the book was full of "Aha! Everything I wanted to say was always already said by you or commented. Well I'll have to buy the book today and dive in next week.

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials Dover Art Instruction PDF

Speed, whose career spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries, carried forward the traditions of academic teaching, tempered with an understanding of the new paths then being blazed by the Impressionists and others. Unlike Oil Painting Techniques and Materials , which is available largely as a single edition, The Practice and Science of Drawing , which is also in the public domain, is available in a confusing array of editions, some good, some not so good, some minus the illustrations altogether. In the meanwhile, there is a complete online facsimile edition available on the Internet Archive. The digital version is worth looking through and, with a bit of fuss, you can use the enlarge and scroll buttons to view the illustrations without the page-flippy widget driving you crazy. No good can come of such methods, for there are no shortcuts to excellence. I am just in the process of reading this book and am really enjoying it.

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His work, especially his portraits, in both oil and charcoal, is exceptionally elegant and demonstrates a great technical mastery. They belong to that class of dense books that are seemingly inexhaustible. And neither are they escapist reading because Harold Speed delves into aesthetic, sensory and conceptual aspects of nature and the practice of artistic expression. His aim is to waken the genuine artistic spirit within his readers. And to do so, he proposes practical exercises that sit alongside his theoretical explanations and serve to fine-tune techniques. Harold Speed is an example of a master who has much to say and who does it from a well-informed position — he paints and draws like the angels themselves. His reflections are so accurate and timeless that they retain the same freshness and intensity today that they had the day they were first published.

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials (Dover Art Instruction) - Kindle edition by Speed, Harold. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones​.

Harold Speed: Two essential books

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THERE to teach and the other is not to teach. One is to train the faculties and perceptions that art employs by hard drilling, so that the student may be a thorough master of the means of expression, and have his perceptions trained to accurate observation ; and the other is to leave the student to the guidance of the intuitive impulse that is impelling him to be an artist, letting him rub along by himself and stumble upon a means suited to his needs. Great artists have been produced by both methods.

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Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

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Oil Painting Techniques and Materials by Harold Speed