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ion exchange technology i theory and materials pdf

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Ion Exchange Technology I

Ion Exchange Technology serves both as a reference and as a text book for technologists and engineers. While the present book is based mainly on ion exchange as practiced in the United States, the object was to produce a generally useful book which would deal with the fundamental problems, techniques, and operations of ion exchange such as mass transfer, equipment design, properties of ion exchange resins, and deionization. Also include are chapters on two types of applications—those that are used industrially on a large scale, and those which have not yet reached large-scale use but have impressive potentialities. In both the fundamental and applied chapters it was deemed necessary that the successful aspects of ion exchange operation be included. In addition, it was equally important to describe the problems and the inherent complexities encountered in the setting up of an ion exchange process. Wherever possible the economic factors were described realistically.

Ion exchange

Ion exchange usually describes a processes of purification of aqueous solutions using solid polymeric ion exchange resin. More precisely, the term encompasses a large variety of processes where ions are exchanged between two electrolytes. Although the term usually refers to applications of synthetic man-made resins, it can include many other materials such as soil. Typical ion exchangers are ion-exchange resins functionalized porous or gel polymer , zeolites , montmorillonite , clay , and soil humus. Ion exchangers are either cation exchangers , which exchange positively charged ions cations , or anion exchangers , which exchange negatively charged ions anions.

All natural waters contain, in various concentrations, dissolved salts which dissociate in water to form charged ions. Positively charged ions are called cations; negatively charged ions are called anions. Ionic impurities can seriously affect the reliability and operating efficiency of a boiler or process system. Overheating caused by the buildup of scale or deposits formed by these impurities can lead to catastrophic tube failures, costly production losses, and unscheduled downtime. Hardness ions, such as calcium and magnesium, must be removed from the water supply before it can be used as boiler feedwater.

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Request PDF | Ion Exchange Technology. I: Theory and Materials | This edition covers the introduction, principle, instrumental and theoretical fundamentals.

Ion Exchange Technology

Ion-exchange Technology I: Theory and Materials describes the theoretical principles of ion-exchange processes. More specifically, this volume focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and modelling of ion-exchange materials and their associated kinetics and equilibria. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

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By Kimberly Marshall. While many of us have heard of ion exchange IX resins, few of us have a grasp on how the technology actually works. No matter your goals, this article will help you to make better decisions on the right water treatment strategies for your facility by helping you to better understand IX resin technology, and how it serves a variety of water treatment and separation needs.

Ion Software Download

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