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mohini vidya sadhana and siddhi pdf in marathi

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Mohini Vidya Sadhana and Siddhi By A.L.BHAGWAT

Introductory 4 I. Breathing Exercises 7 II. Practice of Gazing 15 III. Projection on Centres 30 IV. Mental Worship 34 V. Sadhana for Stilling the Mind 42 VI. Psychic Powers 47 VII. Prayer 71 IX. Hypnotism 75 X.

Hypnotism in Daily Life 94 XI. Auto-Hypnotism 99 XII. Infinity of Space and Time XV. Every year markets are flooded with books written on para-psychology. Most of them unfortunately deal with historical details and experiments performed by hypnotists and other miracle workers.

I have written this book for the afflicted downtrodden, miserable and disappointed friends. I have detailed many sadhanas spiritual practices for making our minds strong and in a way supernatural. By following the practices given in this book anyone can establish a control over the minds of others. The book mainly deals with Ways and means for increasing tremendously our will power.

This development of will power would fulfil our ordinary desires which otherwise remain unfulfilled. The saying "If wishes were horses, beggars could ride them" would be appropriate if we know that concentration of mind and an unwavering faith constitutes the horse. Ride on this horse and be happy. In this book I have treated at great length the practices of pranayam, gazing and mental worship.

Nobody should expect to attain the fourth state Turiya of the mind without practising these sadhanas. When the mind goes in that state the sadhaka attains certain siddhis supernatural powers. He is then aroused from this world dream and ultimately liberated.

Surrendering to the will of God humility, truthfulness and noble character are some of the requisites for getting satisfactory results in these sadhanas. The sadhaka should be very careful about his diet also. Our mind is shaped according to our diet. More satwvik pure. Many sadhanas mentioned in this book were taught to me by my Guru Swami Chaitanyanand of Paithan and Babaji of Patna near Chalisgaon and with their kind permission I am making them public.

To my knowledge the sadhana for Romani siddhi is not given in any other book, so far. It is presumptuous to expect that anybody can acquire a siddhi by a few months of spiritual practices. It would take years and years of constant practise before you succeed. Disappointments, hardships and scepticism would be there in the beginning but ultimately you will become the master of your subconscious mind. In this book I have not written anything which I have not experienced or held back anything which I have known.

Mere reading of this book would not be of any avail. You must practise and practise at least a couple of sadhanas for a couple of years before you become a superman. I sincerely wish that by practising the sadhanas given in this book my readers will become happy and are ulti- mately liberated. Manisha, Lane 7, A. This book will not serve any useful purpose to persons who are realised souls. Because from their point of view, the whole panorama of this universe along with its seer is nothing but one pure consciousness.

With this firm conviction they do not regard any outside object as apart from the self. As such they are not likely to desire or reject any object in this universe. He who has fully realised that nature is nothing but play of three qualities of Maya, viz, Sattava, Raja and Tama. He, as the self, is outside this play. He has no sense of duality. This book has no use for persons whose aim in life is towards self realization.

As they are striving towards this goal, it is difficult for them to be interested in this mundane life. This book has no value for persons who lead an animal type of life.

Their sole aim in is enjoyment of good food, sleep, and satisfaction of carnal desires and acquisition of fame and glory. They are fully materialistic in their outlook on life. The book is then certainly of a great use to persons who believe that, the world is real and who are God-fearing noble, and pious at heart.

It is a matter of common experience that every human being in this world has to suffer misery, disappointment and humiliation. Under the best of conditions, he has a lurking fear in his mind that the present good and happy life will not last permanently.

It is difficult to foresee what is. In everyday life we come across persons who while enjoying a happy life, suddenly lose their only son. Many of them commit suicide due to unbearable sorrow. Some persons lose the whole of their fortune ill risky trade and business.

Many persons in the prime of their lives are attacked by dangerous diseases. The fear of old age and death is but natural. Man does not get peace of mind by making pilgrimages, worshipping and praying to God, by giving alms to the poor or by reading religious and philosophical books.

Even a real saint cannot escape miseries in life. What of others? Is there then no way to cross this terrible sea of sorrows, nuisance and disappointments? Yes there are many ways to do so and I have written this book mainly with that end in view. I have said before that there are ways—both known and unknown—to escape the miseries in this life. I repeat that I have written this book for persons who imagine that the world is real as it looks.

As a person in a dream quenches his thirst with dream water, so all the Sadhanas Practices described in this book will destroy suffering and miseries in this apparently real world. As the world is imagined to be real, so the practices must also be taken as real. As in actual life quinine cures fever or a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in a certain proportion is turned into water, so the Sadhanas given in this book will cure all ills in life.

From the point of view of pure consciousness, there being nothing besides the self, there is no miserable person and no sorrow to eradicate. I repeat once again that I have written this book for persons who imagine that the world along with its seer and his miseries are real. My readers will kindly ignore the foregoing higher aspect for the time being. Pursuing this thought further one can say that mind is the only cause of human misery and happiness.

In the absence of the mind both these are non-existent. In this book I have shown ways and methods for driving away the mind from misery towards happiness. Human mind has become weak due to daily cares, miseries, worries, privations and anxiety about the future. In this book, I have fully explained for the first time the various ways to make our mind happy, cheerful and strong. I have also explained how we can influence others, how we can keep equanimity of mind under adverse circumstances, and how we can fulfil our ordinary desires.

I have devoted about four chapters to the subject of Hypnotism, the control over the sub-conscious mind. All the Sadhanas spiritual practices given in the book are very simple and quite harmless. I have received many Sadhanas many of them secret from my Guru to whom I owe a deep debt of gratitude. I am aware it is not possible to practise all the Sadhanas by a single person. I advise my readers to do any one or two Sadhanas according to their liking.

To get results a Sadhana must be practised at least for four months. It must be practised daily at a fixed time and place. With these introductory remarks let us turn to the main subject of this book. I have also said that our ordinary desires Sankalpas can only be fulfilled if they are projected from a mighty, and a concentrated mind.

The power of the mind is reduced by our constant thinking and worrying. Mind is a manifestation of will power Prana and it is fully under its control. In fact all animate and inanimate things are fully controlled by will power. It is all-pervading like ether. It is the cause of beautifully coloured flowers. It is; the cause of the shining Sun and the Moon.

It is digesting food and controlling internal activities of the body. I should say that this will power is the very cause of this universe, because it is the the will of God that it is projected. This will power is the cause of breath. Existence of mind depends on will power. Now mind and breath are correlated: When we stop thinking, our breath becomes slow and when our mind is excited by anger, the breathing becomes fast.

Mohini Vidya Sadhana and Siddhi - Cleaned up and restored

Dear Sir it is really very interesting to read so many articles on knowledge written by you. In history we have read about rishi munis who become invisible Hanumanji becoming the size of a giant or becoming as small as a fly. With the darkness of kaliyuga we dont witness all this freely but still there are great knowledge seekers and those who are bairagis who still have such great abilities. Hope to read more interesting articles from you Thanks you to post such a great article.

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Mohini vidyâ sâdhanâ and siddhi

Introductory 4 I. Breathing Exercises 7 II. Practice of Gazing 15 III. Projection on Centres 30 IV. Mental Worship 34 V.

List of ebooks and manuels about Mohini vidya sadhana and siddhi pdf in hindi. Hanuman, where individu- als Shani Bhawagan, Ganesh, Hanuman etc. Jyotish-vidya- hindi -books Download Jyotish-vidya-hindi-books - Download jyotish vidya hindi books. Akhil Jyotish Vidya Mandal.

Attraction Mantras. By Neel N September 10, The use of mantras of unique frequencies is used along with certain rituals to cast a spell of attraction over someone or even a spell of mass attraction. Vishnu manifested as Mohini, an unparalleled beauty, in order to attract and destroy Bhasmasur an invincible demon.

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Emotional Healing for Dummies.

Written in English. Itar yoni vidya 8 jin-jinnato ki duniya 5 Laxmi sadhana prayog 2 Navagrah Shabar Mantra. Hindu self-realization. From inside the book. What people are saying - Write a review.

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Dushman Ko Muth Marne Ka Mantra

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