Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating Current Class 12 Pdf

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electromagnetic induction and alternating current class 12 pdf

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Electromagnetic Induction Class 12 Notes

Notes for Electromagnetic Induction chapter of class 12 physics. However, magnetic flux is a real physical quantity. The flux will be maximum, if , i. If the area lies along the direction of i. Consider a cylinder of radius R placed in a uniform field , as shown. The flux for the right-hand end surface is But for the left-hand end surface, it is.

Time: 3 hrs. Max Marks: Chapter—1: Electric Charges and Fields. Chapter—2: Electrostatic Potential and. Current Electricity. Chapter—3: Current Electricity.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Electro Magnetic Induction And Alternating Currents Notes

First Law: When magnetic flux linked with the conductor changes, induced emf produces across it. Second Law:. The magnitude of the induced e. The direction of induced current or the polarity of the induced e. Lenz law obeys the principle of energy conservation. It produces across the ends of the rod.

conclusively that electric currents were induced in closed coils when subjected to The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Chapter A high frequency alternating current is passed 12 is called the mutual inductance of solenoid S.

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current: Magnetic Flux

Many applications are found using electromagnetic induction, including electrical components such as inductors and transformers, and devices such as generators and electric motors. Two different phenomena are described by Faraday's law: the transformer EMF which is generated by an electric force due to a changing magnetic field due to the differential form of the Maxwell—Faraday equation and the motional EMF generated by a magnetic force on a moving wire see Lorentz force. In , James Clerk Maxwell drew attention to the separate physical phenomenon. This is a unique example in Physics where such a fundamental law is invoked to explain two such different phenomena. It was noticed by Albert Einstein that the two situations corresponded to a relative movement between a conductor and a magnet, and the outcome was unaffected by which one was moving.

Doorsteptutor material for AIIMS Physics is prepared by world's top subject experts: fully solved questions with step-by-step explanation - practice your way to success. It is the phenomenon of production of e. The e. SI unit of magnetic flux is weber. The magnitude of induced emf is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux.

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Electromagnetic induction is a phenomenon in which the rate of change of flux through a coil causes an induced emf. Due to this induced emf, an induced current is created inside the coil. The topics and sub-topics covered in Electromagnetic Induction Class 12 Notesare:.

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