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oracle apps functional interview questions and answers pdf

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Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions And Answers

A qualifier is a mark connected to a specific key flexfield section so it tends to be situated by the application requiring its data. Common Account Each Accounting Flexfield structure must contain just a single characteristic record portion. Adjusting Account Each Structure must contain just a single adjusting section.

Oracle GL guarantees that all diaries balance for each adjusting fragment. Cost Center This fragment is required for Oracle Assets. The Cost focus fragment is utilized in numerous Oracle Assets reports and by Oracle Workflow to produce account numbers. Furthermore, Oracle applications preparing Bangalore Projects and Oracle Purchasing likewise use the cost focus section. Intercompany GL naturally utilizes the intercompany portion in the record code mix to follow intercompany exchanges inside a solitary arrangement of books.

This portion has a similar esteem set and indistinguishable qualities from the adjusting fragment. Oracle applications utilize a specific frame called a Combination shape for straightforwardly entering the new code blends.

Clients can enter new record code mixes just through this frame if Dynamic Insertion is crippled. For key flexfields with various portions, we can characterize standards to cross check esteem blends entered with in the key flexfield fragments. This choice is alluded as Cross Validation rules. Oracle GL Key flexfield can have 15 sections each speaking to a portion.

Be that as it may, the fragments type can be:. Shorthand nom de plume. An Alias is a mark for a specific blend of key flexfield fragment esteem. This enables clients to enter information quicker and all the more effectively in light of the fact that the client needs to simply enter the shorthand moniker, and the flexfield consequently populates the qualities for the fragment.

A Period relates to a period range inside which exchanges are entered preceding finishing, generally called as close of the period. If necessary, period kinds of our own can be characterized notwithstanding the standard time frames.

Distinctive statuses of a bookkeeping period. Never Opened — Cannot enter or post diaries. The quantity of future enterable periods is a settled number characterized in the arrangement of books window. The quantity of future enterable period can be changed whenever. Open — Enter and port diaries to any open period. A boundless number of periods can be open, yet doing as such may moderate the posting procedure and can confound clients entering diaries.

Closed — Cannot post diaries in a shut period. Must revive shut periods previously posting diaries. This status is required to Archive and Purge information. Ordinarily, the most recent day of the financial year is utilized to perform modifying and shutting diaries passages. This period is alluded to as Adjusting Period. Picking whether to incorporate an altering period or not in a timetable is an essential choice.

There can be boundless number of altering periods. When the bookkeeping logbook is utilized, changes to its structure to evacuate or include a modifying period is impossible. There are 5 essential kinds of change rate types predefined in Oracle GL: Detect: A swapping scale dependent on the rate for a particular date.

It applies to the prompt conveyance of a money. Corporate: A swapping scale that institutionalize rates for your organization. This rate is commonly a standard market rate controlled by senior money related administration for use all through the association.

Client: A conversion scale that you enter amid outside cash diary section. Emu Fixed: A conversion scale that is utilized by nations joining the EU amid the progress time frame to the Euro cash. Client Defined: A rate type characterized by your organization to address explicit issues.

Diagram of Accounts Your diagram of records is the record structure you characterize to fit the particular needs of your association.

You can pick the quantity of record fragments just as the length, name, and request of each seg15 ment. Bookkeeping Calendar A bookkeeping date-book characterizes a bookkeeping year and the periods it contains. You can characterize various timetables and relegate an alternate schedule to each arrangement of books. Monetary standards You select the useful cash for your arrangement of books just as different monetary standards that you use to execute business and report in.

GL changes over money related sums entered in an outside cash to utilitarian cash reciprocals utilizing provided rates. The esteem referenced in the Future Period field speaks to the quantity of future enterable periods that clients can use to include diary sections gave those future periods are opened.

Notwithstanding, thought must be given to limit the quantity of future enterable periods to keep clients from unintentionally entering diary passages in an erroneous period. GL posts the net equalization of all pay and costs accounts from the earlier year to this record when you open the main time of a financial year. On the off chance that you interpret your useful money adjusts into another cash for revealing, or in the event that you revalue outside cash overwhelmed balances, you should indicate an interpretation modification account.

GL utilizes this record to catch the net movement of all income and cost accounts while figuring the normal equalization for held profit. Exchange logbook is characterized to enable normal equalization preparing. Exchange logbook is made alternatively with legitimate business days referenced. In any case, the Suspense Account check box ought to be checked and an Account to be accommodated this component to work amid the formation of set of books.

On the off chance that you have different organizations or adjusting elements inside a lot of books, GL consequently makes an anticipation represent each adjusting substance. An esteem set characterizes the limits for the ascribes that you dole out to a key or illustrative flexfield fragment. Esteem sets control what sorts of qualities can be utilized as Accounting Flexfield section esteems. Esteem sets decide the properties of your sections, for example, length, zero-fill, and right legitimize, alphanumeric, and esteem security.

Esteem sets additionally control how approval is performed. Inorder to permit intercompany diaries what activity is required at set of book definition level? One of the bookkeeping key flexfield sections ought to be of the sort Intercompany. This portion would have a similar esteem set and indistinguishable qualities from the adjusting section. Additionally, empower Balance Intercompany Journals highlight.

This enables clients to post out-of-balance intercompany diary passages and consequently balance those diary sections against a predetermined intercompany account.

You can connect factual sums with financial sums by utilizing factual units of measure. This empowers you to enter both fiscal and measurable sums in a solitary diary section line. A solitary diary passage recipe that apportions incomes and costs over a gathering of cost focuses, offices, or divisions. An is the Cost Pool that will be distributed. It tends to be sum or record balance. B is the numerator of the factor a number or measurable record that duplicates the cost pool for the designation.

C is the denominator of the factor a number or measurable record that isolates the cost pool for the distribution. Note: Parent esteems can be utilized in at least one portions.

To utilize MRC, the essential and the detailing SOBs should all have a similar logbook and diagram of record structures. If we utilize Global Consolidation System, there is no such prerequisite. Be that as it may, it might be that the Period to be same. Advantages of IDT are: Programmed information transformation that changes over dissimilar information positions into an Oracle organize.

Reapplication of similar standards each time you exchange. Programmed information approval on imported information give more noteworthy adaptability. Conditions enable you to control when Transformation tenets to be applies. The combination workbench gives an essential issue of control for solidifying a boundless number of backups to your parent.

The workbench additionally screens backup account adjusts for any progressions that happen after the auxiliary information has been exchanged to your parent SOBs. Solidification Sets: You can even make combination sets which dispatch various unions in a solitary advance for by and large streamlining of the union procedure.

Solidification Hierarchies: You can make combination orders, or staggered chains of importance, and view your unions orders utilizing a graphical Consolidation Hierarchy Viewer.

State Controller: From the union workbench, you can get to the State Controller, which is a shading coded route instrument to direct through the solidification procedure.

We can characterize section rules, account rules or a mix of both. Record rules supersede section rules. Mapping sets are made to exchange information for numerous auxiliaries at the same time. After the mapping set is made the outcome can be seen in the Consolidation Hierarchy Viewer. The Oracle E-Business Suite is an entire business application set that allows organizations to track the complete business transaction data efficiently.

With the help of a system built on unique information architecture, it turns into decision making information. The Oracle Apps Financial has been used to manage the business towards the target that is announced to investors in a better way.

Yes, there are subfamilies and they are arranged by standard business flow to support the financial process of your firm. Ledger indicates a representation of accounts for a corporation that is accountable in a self-contained way.

The ledger owner can be a legal entity, a substantial operation within a legal entity but incorporated with the attributed of a legal entity, a group of organizations in a common legal environment, or a foreign branch. Oracle Apps Financial offers a collection of reporting ability as presented in sections like Shared reports, Filling with the Authorities, Reconciliation, and control, Cross-reference and Drill-down, Product-specific reports and generating reports.

It enables the user to make formatting templated in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and other desktop products so that non-information technology and non-technical people can do it. Apart from this, it also helps to pair the templates automatically with the extracts to make use of the ideal report. Its also used to publish the report by sending in an email, printing, or posting to portals or websites.

Oracle Apps Interview Questions

It gives a set of applications including financial accounting, material planning, self-service reporting, and analytics. Categories of Oracle Financials Interview Questions. Configure applications to support your own accounting, product, and other codes. Enable the construction of intelligent keys. Configure the application to capture additional data. Use the application to validate values and value combinations entered by the user. Support multiple flexfield structures depending on the data context.

Oracle Functional Consultant Interview Questions · Q1. What is a journal, how many types of the journal? · Q2. What is Translations & Revaluation and which level.

Fresh Oracle Apps Manufacturing Interview Questions & Answers:

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There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, Oracle Apps Functional has a market share of about 5. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in Oracle Apps Functional Development.

Oracle Financials Interview Questions And Answers

A qualifier is a mark connected to a specific key flexfield section so it tends to be situated by the application requiring its data. Common Account Each Accounting Flexfield structure must contain just a single characteristic record portion.

Oracle Apps Functional Interview Questions

What are the master datas in Manufacturing process of Oracle Apps? What is indented BOM? Manual - PR need to be generated manually. What is oracle apps project planning? Distribution percentage will get applied at forecast explode. What setups are done in WIP? Below is general WIP set up.

Oracle app is mainly consisting of software based on applications or business. Oracle has offered many application software business fields such as human resource management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and other areas as well. Now, if you are looking for a job which is related to Oracle Apps then you need to prepare for the Oracle Apps Interview Questions. It is true that every interview is different as per the different job profiles. Here, we have prepared the important Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers which will help you get success in your interview.

Tks very much for your post. Avoid surprises — interviews need preparation. Some questions come up time and time again — usually about you, your experience and the job itself. We've gathered together the most common questions so you can get your preparation off to a flying start. You also find all interview questions at link at the end of this post.

+ Oracle Apps Functional Interview Questions - Most Oracle Apps Functional Interview Questions and Answers - Free download as PDF.

Oracle AR Interview Questions And Answers Guide

Revere button in R 12 is grayed out. Until you post the journal entry it is not enabled where as in 11i before the journals are posted the journals can be reversed. Why this feature is not enabled in R12? Was it a bug in 11i? In release 12 journals need to be posted before they can be reversed, that is why you are seeing the 'Reverse Batch' button grayed out.

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General Ledger Interview Questions in R12

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