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difference between thermistor and thermocouple pdf

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In industrial and embedded environments, it is not always practical to measure temperature locally. Often, temperature must be measured remotely at one location and then relayed back to a computer for processing and recording. A thermocouple is a temperature-sensing element that converts thermal energy directly into electrical energy.

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Temperature sensors are important for everyday life, from working in industrial plants to preventing fires. Thermistors and thermocouples are two such temperature sensors. A thermistor is a thermally sensitive resistor that exhibits a continuous, small, incremental change in resistance correlated to temperature variations. Thermocouples reflect proportional changes in temperature through the varying voltage created between two dissimilar metals electrically bonded together. Both are good options for temperature sensing and control.

Toll Free: Tel: From a physical point of view, heat is a measure of the energy contained in a body due to the irregular motion of its molecules or atoms. Just as a tennis ball possesses more energy with increasing speed, so the internal energy of a body or gas increases with increasing temperature. Temperature is a variable which together with other parameters such as mass and specific heat describes the energy content of a body. The basic measure of temperature is the degree Kelvin.

A thermistor is a resistance thermometer, or a resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature. It is made of metallic oxides, pressed into a bead, disk, or cylindrical shape and then encapsulated with an impermeable material such as epoxy or glass. With an NTC thermistor, when the temperature increases, resistance decreases. Conversely, when temperature decreases, resistance increases. This type of thermistor is used the most. A PTC thermistor works a little differently. When temperature increases, the resistance increases, and when temperature decreases, resistance decreases.

Difference between Thermocouple & Thermistor

A thermocouple is an electrical device consisting of two dissimilar electrical conductors forming an electrical junction. A thermocouple produces a temperature-dependent voltage as a result of Seebeck effect , and this voltage can be interpreted to measure temperature. Thermocouples are a widely used type of temperature sensor. Commercial thermocouples are inexpensive, [2] interchangeable, are supplied with standard connectors , and can measure a wide range of temperatures. In contrast to most other methods of temperature measurement, thermocouples are self powered and require no external form of excitation. Thermocouples are widely used in science and industry. Applications include temperature measurement for kilns , gas turbine exhaust, diesel engines , and other industrial processes.

The most significant difference between the thermocouple and the thermistor is that in thermocouple the sensing parameter is the voltage that induces between the two dissimilar metals. Whereas in thermistor the resistance is the temperature sensing parameter. The other differences between the thermistor and the thermocouple are shown below in the comparison chart. The thermocouple and thermistor both are the temperature sensing devices, but they have different working principle. In thermistor, the variation in temperature changes the resistance of their material. While in thermocouples the change in temperature induces the voltage between the wires of different metals.

Thermocouples: wide range of temperature sensing (Type T = °C; Type J = °C; Type K = °C; other types go to even higher temperatures)​.

Thermistor vs RTD vs Thermocouple: how they work and when to use them

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When you have a temperature measurement application, one of the main issues is selecting the appropriate temperature sensor to fit the purpose.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Most industrial applications use either an RTD or a thermocouple to measure temperature but thermistors are also very common. Although these three temperature sensors do the same thing, they have their own characteristics and applications.

Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. As I understand it, both thermistors and thermocouples are temperature sensors. What are the specific applications for either of the sensors?

Temperature probes

Temperature Sensors – Thermistors versus Thermocouples

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