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Speech Genres and Other Late Essays.

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Speech Genres And Other Late Essays

Speech Genres and Other Late Essays. Bakhtin; Vern W. TitunikSlavic Review, Vol. JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range ofcontent in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new formsof scholarship. This content downloaded from In the end, Frow does fall victim to the ambitiousness of his project and its built-in eclecticism, yet the very scope of his effort may signal the historical turning point at which quantity of competing theories will be dialectically transmuted into quality, an ensuing rigorous and internally coherent synthesis.

Frow relies on Slavic historiographical theory to set in relief the inability of most western writings on literature to come to terms with the textual and the aesthetic. Conversely, by rebuking in terms of western neo-Marxism, Russian and East European theorists for their comparative neglect of the social and the ideological, Frow helps to point the way. As in the sphere of political discursive formation, in the theory and practice of the human sciences the time has come for east-west critical disarmament, cooperation, detente, a true and unimpeded glasnost'.

As Frow shows in passing, at least as far as the unproductive friction, fragmentation, and confusion rampant in present-day literary theory are concerned, the fault lies largely with the west. Translated by Vern W. Edited by Caryl Emerson and Michael Holquist. University of Texas Press Slavic Series, no. Austin: University of Texas Press, This book supplies the English reader translations of something under half the items, and pages, of the posthumously published collection of writings of Mikhail Bakhtin edited by S.

Bocharov and S. Averintsev under the title Estetika slovesnogo tvorchestva Mos- cow, -a work already well known to Russian-reading scholars. Bakhtin can be something of a nightmare for a translator, the more so, the less prepared his writings - and here the majority of items are rough drafts, conspectuses, notes, jottings. Vern McGee is to be congratulated on coming through with a very ser- viceable translation.

There are, to be sure, outright mistakes, inaccuracies, quirks, and oddities galore in the translation, but they do not seriously impair an understanding of the author's arguments, for the most part.

Here and there, however, something more serious crops up and causes confusion, as, for instance, when McGee incorrectly equates literaturnyi iazyk [standard language] and iazyk literatury [language of literature] by translating both alike as "literary language" see pp. The translations are preceded by an introduction specifically to the texts in this volume by Michael Holquist and are followed, each individually, by sets of notes for which, presumably, the editors - Holquist and Caryl Emerson - were responsible.

These unquestionably helpful notes have certain odd features that need a word or two of com- ment. For one thing, these notes, as it turns out, are more than two-thirds translated from the notes of Bocharov and Averintsev in Estetika, yet, with only two minor exceptions, that is never acknowledged. True, Holquist and Emerson occasionally modify the trans- lated notes in some way, but still shouldn't credit be given where credit is due?

Perhaps the editors' interpretation of Bakhtin's "dialogism" has led them to the belief that that maxim is no longer valid when other people's words are used. Second, there is seemingly capricious selectivity in the notes regarding identification of names mentioned in the texts. Among the many puzzling omissions is Viktor Vladimirovich Vinogradov who is men- tioned and briefly discussed by Bakhtin twice in this volume.

Vinogradov was the leading theorist in Soviet linguistics and stylistics, and it is obvious that two items in this book,. The editors certainly know this and also know the earlier history of the matter see A. Chudakov's afterword in V. Vinogradov, 0 iazyke khudozhestvennoi literatury, Moscow, , pp. Finally, the notes are marred by errors both of the conceptual kind e.

One hopes that in some future edition these errors and deficiencies of the translation and editing can be corrected so that this contribution to the English version of the Bakhtin legacy can achieve its full value.

Edited by Bengt Jangfeldt. Translated by Julian Graffy. Edinburgh: Polygon, ; New York: Grove, By Andrey Bely. By Boris Pasternak. Edited by Christopher Barnes. Edited by Angela Livingstone. Essays in Poetics Publications, no. Keele: Essays in Poetics, The first three books reviewed here were all originally published by the enterprising firm Polygon, based in Edinburgh.

They offer translations by British scholars of highly con- trasting works by major Russian authors of the twentieth century. The correspondence between Vladimir Maiakovskii and Lili Brik was first published in Russian in V. Maiakovskii i L. The title of this new English translation is taken from Maiakovskii's diary-letter to Lili in February "Is love the sum total of everything for me?

Love is life, love is the main thing. My poetry, my actions, everything else stems from it. Love is the heart of everything [Liubov' eto serdtse vsego]. If it stops working, all the rest withers, becomes superfluous, unnecessary Without you not without you because you've 'gone away', without you inwardly I cease to exist.

The main body of the correspondence covers the years from to In his introduction, Bengt Jangfeldt claims that "Vladimir Mayakovsky and Lili Brik are one of the most remarkable pairs of lovers in the history of world literature. Tower and Dome: Two Revolutionary Buildings [pp. Log in Get Started. Download for free Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x Vinogradov was the leading theorist in Soviet linguistics and stylistics, and it is obvious that two items in this book, This content downloaded from

BAKHTIN Speech.genres

Mikhail Mikhailovich , Speech genres and other late essays. University of Texas Press Slavic series. This translation has benefited a great deal from being among the last rathe r than the fi rst translations of Bakhtin's work. In most cases I have borrowed the terms used in previous translations in the Slavic Series , such as "heteroglossia" raznorechie , "speech" rech , and "discourse" slovo , among others, not only for the sake of consistency throughout the series but because I believe they are good choices. On these I have consulted with both native Russian speakers and recognized Bakhtin scholars. I n each case the options were weighed carefully, and the one most appropriate in style and tone as wel l as the closest i n meaning was chosen.

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Learn more. This is the last of Bakhtin's extant manuscripts published in the Soviet Union. All but one of these essays the one on the Bildungsroman were written in Bakhtin's later years and thus they bear the stamp of a thinker who has accumulated a huge storehouse of factual material, to which he has devoted a lifetime of analysis, reflection, and reconsideration. In historical life this chain continues infinitely, and therefore each individual link in it is renewed again and again, as though it were being reborn. Bakhtin, "From Notes Made in ". The first recognition in the United States of Bakhtin's status as a major thinker came in , when he was included among a group of internationally known theoreticians contributing to a volume of Yale French Studies on the topic "Game, Play, Literature. It is, however, a curious fact that of all the names listed in PMLA 's roster of trends, Bakhtin is surely still the least known, if only in the sense that much of his work is still unavailable in English translation.

Speech Genres And Other Late Essays. By M. M. Bakhtin. Translated by Vern W. McGee. Edited by Caryl Emerson and Michael Holquist. University of Texas.

Speech Genres and Other Late Essays

New Literary History And although much has been accomplished in the study of the novel and nonliterary writing, there have been few attempts to envision genre study as a theory of behavior or as one that can provide an insight into the arts and sciences. This issue and the following one "Theorizing Genres II" are an effort to expand the range of genre study as well as to examine its current practices.

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Speech Genres and Other Late Essays

Все, чему его учили, свидетельствовало о чрезвычайности ситуации. Тот факт, что в лаборатории систем безопасности никого нет, а монитор был выключен, больше не имело значения. Главное теперь - сам ТРАНСТЕКСТ.

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 - У меня нет семьи.  - Он посмотрел на.  - Мой брак практически рухнул.

Сьюзан улыбнулась: - Уж ты-то мог бы это понять. Это все равно что изучать иностранный язык. Сначала текст воспринимается как полная бессмыслица, но по мере постижения законов построения его структуры начинает появляться смысл.

 Вирус? - снисходительно хмыкнул Стратмор, - Фил, я высоко ценю твою бдительность, очень высоко. Но мы с мисс Флетчер проводим диагностику особого рода. Это файл высочайшей сложности.

 Лучше всего - Нетскейп. Сьюзан сжала ее руку. - Давайте скорее. Попробуем порыскать.

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Перед ней, исчезая где-то в темноте, убегали вдаль две желтые линии. Подземная шоссейная дорога… Сьюзан медленно шла по этому туннелю, то и дело хватаясь за стены, чтобы сохранить равновесие. Позади закрылась дверь лифта, и она осталась одна в пугающей темноте.

Видимо, в его действиях было нечто такое, что ей знать не полагалось. Сьюзан опустилась на стул. Повисла пауза. Стратмор поднял глаза вверх, собираясь с мыслями.

В нескольких милях от этого места человек в очках в железной оправе сидел на заднем сиденье фиата, мчавшегося по проселочной дороге. - Клуб Колдун, - повторил он, напомнив таксисту место назначения. Водитель кивнул, с любопытством разглядывая пассажира в зеркало заднего вида.


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    Speech Genres and Other Late Essays M. M. BAKHTIN. Translated by Vern W. McGee. Edited by Caryl Emerson and Michael Holquist.

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