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food hygiene questions and answers pdf

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In these tests you will be asked a series of questions, with each one having a set of multi choice answers, you are awarded points for every correct answer you select. Mock tests such as these are an excellent way for you to assess whether you have attained the necessary knowledge to be ready to take on a Food Hygiene course. There is mounting evidence which suggests that students who take quizzes can learn faster than those who simply study.

But what are the rules around registering a food business, and what is holding business owners back from doing so? Food business registration can be as simple as completing an online form via your local authority website, and is a legal requirement for any business that:. Other costs associated with setting up a new business, such as registration at Companies House and obtaining relevant business insurance are not linked to food business registration.

300+ TOP FOOD SAFETY Objective Questions and Answers MCQs

Bread is not classified a high risk food because it is a relatively dry product and so does not have the conditions for bacterial growth and thus can be stored at room temperature. However, moulds will grow on bread because the conditions required for growth are different to that of bacteria. Flies, mice and cockroaches are those commonly found in food premises. Cooked meat is considered a high risk food as it has the conditions for microbial growth high in protein and moisture and therefore should be stored separately and above raw foods in a refrigerator that is running at a suitable temperature. The legal temperature high risk food must be kept below in a food business is 8 o C but it is seen as good practice to keep it below 5 o C. Whilst all these can be symptoms of food poisoning Vomiting is the most common of those listed.

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Enter search terms. Improve your food safety knowledge via the award winning Training Service. If you have reported diarrhoea and vomiting to your local authority or the Environmental Health Department after eating out it definitely means that:. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. You are here: Home businessandenterprise Health and safety Test your food safety knowledge. Test your food safety knowledge Improve your food safety knowledge via the award winning Training Service. How good is your food safety knowledge?

What is the minimum temperature to which ground beef should be cooked to make sure it is free from harmful bacteria? Which of the following is NOT a critical factor in the growth of dangerous food-borne bacteria? How cold should your refrigerator be to minimize the risk of food poisoning? Ans: b. Which of the following bacteria are responsible for causing the greatest number of food borne illnesses? Which of the following is an acceptable technique for thawing a frozen turkey? Ans: a.

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Food Hygiene Quiz

Privacy Policy. Search for:. Food Hygiene Quiz. Welcome to your Food Hygiene Quiz Do you know your onions? Our Food Hygiene Quiz offers a tempting taster of what you need to know.

Food hygiene quiz

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All food handlers, managers and food business owners hold a legal responsibility to work in ways that protect their food from hazards and protect their customers from harm. This is a requirement for all food businesses, no matter their size, and is particularly important for those businesses looking to achieve a Level 5 rating on their food hygiene inspection. How do you rate your basic food hygiene knowledge? Have a go at our practice food hygiene quiz to find out! Skip to content. Food Hygiene Quiz Louise Petty.

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