Comparison Between Distillation And Karl Fischer Crude Oil Pdf

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comparison between distillation and karl fischer crude oil pdf

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The most commonly used technique for water content determination is Karl-Fischer titration with electrometric detection, requiring specialized equipment. When appropriate equipment is not available, the method can be performed through visual detection of a titration endpoint, which does not enable an analysis of colored samples.

Fuels – Paraffins, aromatics, naphthenes, olefins

The determination of water content in crude oil is important for oil transportation, refining, and trade. However, the sensitivity and accuracy of the conventional azeotropic distillation AD method are inadequate. Karl Fischer titration methods may give false high results because of the reducing sulfur compounds in crude oil. The present study developed an azeotropic distillation Karl Fischer coulometric titration AD-KFCT method which required a modified instrument and a new calibration procedure. The method was modified to decrease the interference caused by reducing sulfur compounds. A certified reference material for water content in liquid was used to determine the recovery of water mass achieved using the AD-KFCT method.

Analyzing Water in Oil

Ritz, Charles L. This paper will outline a procedure for the rapid determination of water content in the effluents obtained from laboratory core floods. The procedure makes use of the Karl Fischer method, an established procedure for the quantitative analysis of water. It procedure for the quantitative analysis of water. It differs from distillation and centrifugation in that the water content is determined chemically. The main advantages of the Karl-Fischer method are: it is five to six times more rapid and. The determination of water content in core flood effluents is an important routine operation in the proper evaluation of enhanced oil recovery techniques.

Request PDF | Water content of pyrolysis oil: Comparison between Karl Fischer titration, GC/MS-corrected azeotropic distillation and 1H NMR.

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Lize M. Rita C. Nunes c. Ygor L.

For decades the accepted method for measuring water content in crude oils and other hydrocarbon stocks has been the centrifuge method. The centrifuge method is relatively quick and easy. However, it sometimes is limited ability to accurately measure water content, particularly if the hydrocarbon stock has a high solubility for water. Similar records in OSTI. GOV collections:.

High water content of lubricating oils negatively impacts the operation and longevity of the oils and the mechanical equipment components being lubricated.

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