Master List Of Cell Type And Cytokine Function Of Immune System Pdf

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master list of cell type and cytokine function of immune system pdf

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Cytokines and How They Work

Besides the classical T-helper 1 and T-helper 2, other subsets have been identified, including T-helper 17, regulatory T cell, follicular helper T cell, and T-helper 9, each with a characteristic cytokine profile. For a particular phenotype to be differentiated, a set of cytokine signaling pathways coupled with activation of lineage-specific transcription factors and epigenetic modifications at appropriate genes are required. The effector functions of these cells are mediated by the cytokines secreted by the differentiated cells. The human immune system consists of the ancient innate immune system passed on along the evolution from invertebrates and the recently acquired adaptive immune system uniquely present in vertebrates. The principal functions of the immune system are the recognition with subsequent elimination of foreign antigens, formation of immunologic memory, and development of tolerance to self-antigens. The lymphocyte population is mainly made up of the thymus-derived lymphocytes T-lymphocytes , bone-marrow-derived B-lymphocytes , and the natural-killer cells NK cells. T-lymphocytes mediating the cellular immunity, along with B lymphocytes mediating humoral immunity, provide adaptive immunity, which work in close collaboration with the innate immune system.

A hallmark of the inflammatory response to pathogen exposure is the production of tumor necrosis factor TNF that coordinates innate and adaptive immune responses by functioning in an autocrine or paracrine manner. Numerous molecular mechanisms contributing to TNF production have been identified, but how they function together in macrophages remains unclear. Here, we pursued an iterative systems biology approach to develop a quantitative understanding of the regulatory modules that control TNF mRNA synthesis and processing, mRNA half-life and translation, and protein processing and secretion. Our systems biology approach revealed that network dynamics of MyD88 and TRIF signaling and of cytokine production and response govern the stimulus-specific autocrine and paracrine functions of TNF. Tumor necrosis factor TNF is a key inflammatory cytokine produced by macrophages exposed to pathogens. Toll-like receptors TLR recognize a variety of molecular substances derived from pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, eliciting signaling events that coordinate inflammatory and innate immune responses Takeuchi and Akira TLRs are expressed in many cell types, but perhaps one of the most relevant types for the innate immune response is the classically activated macrophage.

Immune system - Part I. Fundamentals of innate immunity with emphasis on molecular and cellular mechanisms of inflammatory response. Correspondence to. The immune system consists of an intricate network of organs, cells, and molecules responsible for maintaining the body's homeostasis and responding to aggression in general. Innate immunity operates in conjunction with adaptive immunity and is characterized by rapid response to aggression, regardless of previous stimulus, being the organism first line of defense. Its mechanisms include physical, chemical and biological barriers, cellular components, as well as soluble molecules.

The Interleukin-10 Family of Cytokines and Their Role in the CNS

Cytokines are proteins produced by cells, and they serve as molecular messengers between cells. In arthritis, cytokines regulate various inflammatory responses. As part of the immune system , cytokines regulate the body's response to disease and infection, as well as mediate normal cellular processes in your body. Cytokines are diverse and serve a number of functions in the body. While "cytokine" is an umbrella term that includes many types of protein messengers, more specific names are given to cytokines based on either the type of cell that makes them or the action they have in the body:. The imune system is complex—different types of immune cells and proteins do different jobs.

Cytokines are low molecular weight, soluble proteins that are produced in response to an antigen and function as chemical messengers for regulating the innate and adaptive immune systems. They are produced by virtually all cells involved in innate and adaptive immunity, but especially by T- helper Th lymphocytes. The activation of cytokine-producing cells triggers them to synthesize and secrete their cytokines. The cytokines, in turn, are then able to bind to specific cytokine receptors on other cells of the immune system and influence their activity in some manner. Cytokines are pleiotropic, redundant, and multifunctional. Some cytokines are antagonistic in that one cytokine stimulates a particular defense function while another cytokine inhibits that function.

11.3C: Cytokines Important in Innate Immunity

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Resident cells of the central nervous system CNS play an important role in detecting insults and initiating protective or sometimes detrimental host immunity. At peripheral sites, immune responses follow a biphasic course with the rapid, but transient, production of inflammatory mediators giving way to the delayed release of factors that promote resolution and repair. Within the CNS, it is well known that glial cells contribute to the onset and progression of neuroinflammation, but it is only now becoming apparent that microglia and astrocytes also play an important role in producing and responding to immunosuppressive factors that serve to limit the detrimental effects of such responses. Interleukin IL is generally considered to be the quintessential immunosuppressive cytokine, and its ability to resolve inflammation and promote wound repair at peripheral sites is well documented. In the present review article, we discuss the evidence for the production of IL by glia, and describe the ability of CNS cells, including microglia and astrocytes, to respond to this suppressive factor.

Mast Cell: A Multi-Functional Master Cell

Mast cells are immune cells of the myeloid lineage and are present in connective tissues throughout the body.

Network dynamics determine the autocrine and paracrine signaling functions of TNF

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