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pregnancy and oral health pdf

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Prefill your email content below, and then select your email client to send the message. Recipient e-mail address:. It is safe and important to get oral health care during pregnancy.

Healthcare professionals: use Protect Tiny Teeth, a free set of resources, to talk to pregnant women and new moms about the importance of oral health. Pregnancy may make women more prone to periodontal gum disease and cavities. Oral health may be considered an important part of prenatal care, given that poor oral health during pregnancy can lead to poor health outcomes for the mother and baby.

Oral health and pregnancy

A healthy mouth during pregnancy is important for both mums and babies. Pregnancy hormones can make gums more sensitive to dental plaque. Gum disease during pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of premature birth and low birth weight. It is important to have healthy teeth and gums if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Dental treatment is safe during pregnancy. Remember to tell your dental practitioner that you are pregnant.

Metrics details. Although receiving dental care is recommended for women during pregnancy, getting such care remains low. This study will identify the level of dental care received during pregnancy and factors associated with care for a group of pregnant women in Utah. Descriptive and bivariate techniques were used. Approximately Those who knew such care was important were 1. Although

Oral care in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique, exciting time in a woman's life, and there are so many changes going on in human body during pregnancy and mouth is no exception , so good oral hygiene is extremely important during pregnancy. Proper oral care is of utmost importance during pregnancy to avoid these complications. Avoiding foods that may cause oral problems, proper brushing and flossing and having dental consultations on a regular basis are steps to ensure good oral health during pregnancy. Pregnancy; the reproductive process through which a new baby is conceived, incubated and ultimately born into the world. Pregnancy is a unique, exciting time in a woman's life, as it highlights the woman's amazing creative powers. The growing fetus in the womb depends entirely on its mother's healthy body for all needs. Consequently, pregnant women must take steps to remain as healthy as they possibly can.

Issue Brief: Oral Health During Pregnancy

Good oral health is important for a healthy pregnancy. You can help identify problems, provide referrals, and reinforce good oral health habits. It highlights the importance of oral care before, during, and after pregnancy. Below are resources for providers to educate, refer, and treat pregnant patients. Skip to content 3.

Dental care during pregnancy based on the pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system in Utah

Experts agree that oral health care is a key component of prenatal care.

Pregnancy & Oral Health and Dental Management in Pregnant Patient

Read terms. The information should not be construed as dictating an exclusive course of treatment or procedure to be followed. Maintaining good oral health may have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other disorders. Access to dental care is directly related to income level; the poorest women are least likely to have received dental care. Optimal maternal oral hygiene during the perinatal period may decrease the amount of caries-producing oral bacteria transmitted to the infant during common parenting behavior, such as sharing spoons. Although some studies have shown a possible association between periodontal infection and preterm birth, evidence has failed to show any improvement in outcomes after dental treatment during pregnancy. Nonetheless, these studies did not raise any concern about the safety of dental services during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are susceptible to a wide range of oral health conditions that could be harmful to their own health and the future of their baby. There are many myths about the safety of dental care during pregnancy. As a result, pregnant women receive less dental care than when they are not pregnant. In our review, we tried to emphasize the importance and safety of routine dental care for pregnant women. To sustain oral and dental health for a life time, effective and adequate care is essential. In women, dental care is much more important during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopausal periods.

pdf. Introduction. Pregnancy is a unique period during a woman's life and is characterized by complex physi-.

Oral Health Care During Pregnancy and Through the Lifespan

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