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signal processing interview questions and answers pdf

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I was interviewed in Aug, Interview Questions Q1. I was asked to implement the block diagram for the given transfer function. Add answer Q2. Is the system with the given transfer function stable?

Top 50 Digital Signal Processing Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

Random signals are used to test dynamic response statistically for very small amplitudes and time-duration. How it can be avoided? Aliasing refers to an effect due to which different signals become indistinguishable. It also refers to distortion in the reconstructed signal when it is reconstructed from the original continuous signal. To avoid aliasing we can simply filter out the high frequency components of the signal by using anti-aliasing filter like optical anti-aliasing filter.

Answer: A function of one or more independent variables which contain some information is called signal. A system is a set of elements or functional blocks that are connected together and produces an output in response to an input signal. Answer : A signal is what which contains information while wave does not contain any information. Answer: A deterministic signal can be completely represented by mathematical equation at any time whereas a signal which cannot be represented by any mathematical equation is called random signal. What will be the signal in the frequency domain when a signal is discrete and periodic in time domain? Answer: Since periodicity in one domain reveals discrete in other domain, so if the signal is discrete and periodic in one domain then it is periodic nad discrete in other domain.

300+ TOP Digital Signal Processing LAB VIVA Questions and Answers

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+ Digital Signal Processing Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Define discrete time signal? Question2: Define discrete time system? Question3:​.

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Reconfiguration Reconfiguration of analog circuits require redesigning the hardware followed by testing and verification where as DSP chips can be easily reconfigured by changing the software. Accuracy DSP has higher accuracy. Storage Digital signals can be easily stored on magnetic disks hence easily transported and stored for offline processing Precision It is difficult to perform precise math operations on analog signals but DSP algorithms are easier to implement and can attain precision as well.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Interview Questions

Signal and Systems Interview Questions and Answers

Define discrete time and digital signal. Discrete time signal is continuous in amplitude and discrete in time, where Digital signal is discrete in time and amplitude. Explain briefly, the various methods of representing discrete time signal Graphical, Tabular, Sequence, Functional representation. Define sampling and aliasing. Converting a continuous time signal into discrete time signal is called as Sampling, Aliasing is an effect that causes different signals to become indistinguishable.

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