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axis and allies pacific 1940 rules pdf

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Despite its historical setting, the game was designed for a balanced competition between sides, and therefore was not intended to be. Set in the years after Japan and the United States entered into the war, the game. The Allies need to decide which Axis power to take out first.

Download 4 pages from the rule booklet! When printing, print off all odd pages, then reload them into their printer and print the even pages. This is because the margins are off-centered to provide for 3-hole punching.

Axis & Allies Pacific 1940

Setup: The following errors exist in the setup cards: United States: Add an airbase and a naval base to the Philippines. The Map: Sea zone 5 should not be adjacent to Korea. The border between sea zones 5 and 6 should meet at the border between Amur and Korea, leaving Amur still touching only sea zone 5 but Korea touching only sea zone 6. Page 8, The Political Situation: This entire section should be replaced with the following: At the beginning of the game, Japan and China are at war. However, none of the other Allied powers begin the game at war with Japan. They remain neutral for the time being, but each will be drawn into the war in turn as certain events unfold.

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Axis Allies Pacific 1940 Errata FAQ

China is considered another major power in Pacific , though they are commanded by one of the other Allied powers or by all Allied players as a committee. The objective of Japan is to capture six victory cities, while the Allied nations must capture Japan to win the game. All powers may also play to achieve a smaller number of "national objectives", which grant one-time or persistent advantages. The board is designed with combining with Europe in mind, and Pacific itself uses only part of the board: for example, there are a number of Soviet Union territories on the board, which are only used in the combined game and considered impassible in Pacific Other specific combined game provisions include territories that start the game as French, Dutch, or Canadian, none of which are represented in Pacific but are present in Europe

Axis & Allies Rule Books

Map of Europe Engulfed Players. Add your name and location and find EE opponents!


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Players of the original Pacific game will notice some new rules along with some interesting new elements. One such item is the Political Situation rule. Based in , the game starts with just Japan and China at war. The remaining 3 Allies are at peace in the Pacific Theater with Japan. The Political Situation rule is great because the designer Larry Harris has really put history into game play as much as he could. Playing this game firsthand may seem a bit confusing when reading the rules, but understanding the political history, it makes a lot more sense. As for the skies, a new Tactical Bomber is added.

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    Axis & Allies® Pacific: can be played by up to four players. chart is used for an optional rule when combining this game with Axis & Allies Europe