Principles Of Inheritance And Variation Class 12 Mcq Pdf

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principles of inheritance and variation class 12 mcq pdf

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A heterozygous violet-flowered pea plant is crossed to another homozygous violet- flowered pea plant. What percent of the progeny plants will have the recessive trait, i. The possibility of all genotypes of offspring in a genetic cross is calculated by a graphical representation which was developed by a Komberg b T. Morgan c Gregor Mendel d Reginald Punnett. A woman with normal vision has a colorblind father. She marries a colourblind man.

If you liked our resources, please share the post! Also, you can give online test and analyze your preparation level. Genetics is the branch of biology, which deals with inheritance and variation of characters from parents to offspring. Hence, all the subjects are equally important to them. In other words, genetics is the branch of biology that deals with the study of genes, genetic variation and hereditary organisms.

Test No. Assertion: An organism with lethal mutation may not even develop beyond the zygote stage. Your email address will not be published. It's only fair to share Please wait while the activity loads. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser.

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These important questions will help teachers or parents also set assignments and tasks to help students understand better. These are given below: Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production. If you are looking for any more information on Class 12 History important questions, do let us know in the comment section below. In general, biology is considered an exhaustive subject and can be greatly daunting for students. Through solving these important questions, students can be confident to a greater extent.

Multiple Choice questions 1. Downs syndrome is caused due to a. Monosomy of 21 st b. Disomy of 21 chromosome st c. Trisomy of 21 chromosome st d. An extra X chromosome in female chromosome Answer: c.

Principles of Inheritance and Variation Class 12 Biology MCQs Pdf. Question 1. If a genetic disease is transferred from a phenotypically normal.

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Question 1. If a genetic disease is transferred from a phenotypically normal but carrier female to only some of the male progeny, the disease is a autosomal dominant b autosomal recessive c sex-linked dominant d sex-linked recessive. Answer: d sex-linked recessive.

You can refer to this study material alongside textbooks before exams for quick revisions. Biological classification of plants and animals was first proposed by: Just click on the topic then you will able to download the pdf of that topic. Archaebacteria differ from eubacteria in: Studyrankers is a free educational platform for cbse k students. Class 11 Biology Important Questions.

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