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Excellent public relations and effective organizations a study of communication management in three countries written by Larissa Grunig , James Grunig , David Dozier was published in the year It has details on public relations , effective organizations , Communication Management , Communicator Roles , Communication Function.

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Excellence theory

The Excellence Theory explained that the value of public relations lies in organization-public relations. Good relationship with its strategic publics is helpful for an organization to develop and achieve goals desired by both the organization and its publics, reduce costs of negative publicity, and increase revenue by providing products and services needed by stakeholders. The goal-attainment approach states that organizations are effective when they meet their goals. In , Drucker proposed management by objectives approach, which warned that managers might get involved in day-to-day activities and forget their main objectives, and suggested that everybody within an organization should have a clear understanding of the organization's aims, and awareness of their own roles and responsibilities in achieving those aims. The systems approach here recognizes the importance of environment for an organization to be effective by indicating mutual need between an organization and its environment. Similarly, organizations are linked with resources in their external environment, and in the meantime, external environment needs products and services from the organizations. The strategic constituencies approach identifies the elements of the environment whose opposition or support can threaten the organization's goals or help to attain them.

Behavioral dimensions of public relations leadership in organizations

The evolution of public relations into a management function has brought the importance of leadership to the forefront of professional discussion. The results suggest that the measurement model had a good internal and global fit. The present study also provides public relations managers with valuable insight concerning the leadership behaviors they can exercise to contribute to the value of public relations in their organizations. Choi, J. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback.

PDF | On Nov 1, , Alan Fletcher and others published Book Review: Excellent Public Relations and Effective Organizations: A Study of.

Excellent Public Relations and Effective Organizations

Extensive footnotes and references cited at the end of each chapter provide further guidance for readers interested in going into more depth on any topic. The book also features a fine comprehensive index The relatively clear and readable writing style also makes this a work of scholarship that should be highly useful to PR practitioners as well as academics, especially top PR managers interested in improving their organizational and personal effectiveness Contents: Preface.

Excellence Theory in Public Relations: Past, Present, and Future

Public Relations Research pp Cite as. The programme of research known as the excellence theory began in the s with J. Research then followed on the role of public relations in organizational decision-making, the symmetrical model of public relations, public relations measurement, and how the structure and environment of organizations shape public relations behaviour.

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Public relations professionals encounter ethical problems as individuals who make decisions about their professional lives. They also serve as ethical counselors to organizations, a role in which they help organizations behave in ethical, responsible, and sustainable ways. This introduction defines ethics and social responsibility and discusses the possibilities and obstacles that public relations professionals face in the role of ethical counselor. The introduction ends with a discussion of the need for ethical theories of public relations and describes several promising theories. And, to be honest, a great deal of public relations practice is unethical. However, to public relations theorists, public relations is inherently about ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability.

Public Relations Scales: Advancing the Excellence Theory

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Excellent Public Relations and Effective Organizations


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