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perl multiple choice questions and answers pdf

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Perl Quiz – Perl MCQ Online Test

Download PDF 1 Difference between the variables in which chomp function work? Variable can be a number or a string. Array: Denoted by symbol prefix. Arrays are indexed by numbers. The namespace for these types of variables is different.

Most asked Perl Interview Questions and Answers

One-liner may contain many statements in one line. The words global, local, package, symbol table, and dynamic all refer to the kind of variables that local affects, whereas the other sort, those governed by my , are variously knows as private, lexical, or scoped variable. The symbol that starts all scalar variables is called a prefix dereferencer. The different types of dereferencer are. In fact, if you simply refer to a non existent element in an array perl extends the array as needed, creating new elements. It also includes new elements in its array. An array slice is a section of an array that acts like a list, and you indicate what elements to put into the slice by using multiple array indexes in square brackets.

Ans: A. Strict pragma B. The -w Command-line argument C. Using the built-in debugger Ans: B. Runtime B. Compile time C. Both Ans: A.

PERL Multiple Choice Questions: 1) Arrays are denoted by _______in Perl. A. @ B. % C. $ D. PERL Questions and Answers pdf Download. Posted on by.

Perl Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Auto Multiple Choice is a piece of software that can help you creating and managing multiple choice questionnaires MCQ , with automated marking. Answers sheets are formatted with LaTeX , allowing mathematical formulas and many other potential uses. AMC allows to shuffle randomly questions and answers within each question, so that each answer sheet is unique. Using this feature, it is more difficult for students to copy on their neighbour's sheets

Perl Objective Questions - 17

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