States Of India And Their Capitals And Chief Ministers Pdf

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states of india and their capitals and chief ministers pdf

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In the Republic of India , a chief minister is the head of government of each of the twenty-eight states and three of the nine union territories. According to the Constitution of India , at the state-level, the governor is de jure head, but de facto executive authority rests with the chief minister. Following elections to the state legislative assembly , the governor usually invites the party or coalition with a majority of seats to form the state government.

List of States their Chief Ministers Governors and Capitals PDF 2020

India i. The states and union territories are further subdivided into districts and smaller administrative divisions. The Constitution was adopted on 26 November and came into force on 26 January The boundaries of Indian states are reorganised on the linguistic basis by the States Reorganisation Act, Andhra Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh. Chief Minister: Shri Bhupesh Baghel. Himachal Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh. Tamil Nadu. Uttar Pradesh. West Bengal. List of union territories, capitals and their Chief Minister. National Capital Territory of Delhi. Capital : Delhi. The Indian Constitution is federal in nature but unitary in method which means States in India do not have the right to secede from the union.

Hence, India has both unitary features like appointing governor, concurrent list, single citizenship, single constitution and federal features Union List, State List, State Election etc.

So, it is quasi federal. To meet our Jury, click here. List of Indian States and Union Territories with their Capitals India is a democratic country which consists of 28 states and 9 union territories. Here we are providing a complete list of all States of India, UTs, their capitals and other important details. List of Indian States and their Capitals.

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States and Capitals: India has 28 States and 8 UTs

India is seventh largest country in the world and also the second populous. It lies in southern Asia. It is officially known as the Republic of India. It is governed by a parliamentary form of government. It gets very difficult to manage the large country from one place. So Indian Constitution give right to the central government to make states as it feel suitable.

These will help you in the upcoming exams. You can download the complete list in PDF format. The link is given at the end of this post. Updated- August 20, State, Capital, Chief Minister, Governor. Srinagar Summer ; Jammu Winter. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

In this topic aspirants should have an idea about Indian States and their Capitals. Take a free mock test for SBI Clerk to apply this banking awareness pdf knowledge. We also provided other important information like Union Territories and other Key information. Free Online GK tests. Karnataka Bengaluru Siddaramaiah Vajubhai Vala Kerala Thiruvananthapuram Pinarayi Vijayan P. Sathasivam

List of Indian States Capitals and Chief Ministers 2021 – PDF Download

The Complete List of Chief ministers in India pdf is added here. The list of Chief Ministers In India is very useful for the candidates preparing for the competitive exams. It is an important static GK topic. In every exam, you can surely expect a question related to the List of Chief ministers in India The chief ministers in India list will be essential for all the competitive exams.

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