Dream Courses

Dr. Lewis teaches dreams/dreaming/dreamwork at two universities listed below:

Dream Studies Certificate Program: Celebrating the Power of Dreams

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Saybrook University Dream Studies Certificate Program


In the hundred plus years since Freud’s seminal “Interpretation of Dreams” at the turn of the 20th century, dreamwork in western society has slowly developed into an area of scholarly respect. With the formation of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) in the mid-1980′s clinicians, scholars and the general public have gathered every year to celebrate the dream and further try to understand it’s mysteries. Although there are over 50 postsecondary institutions listed on IASD’s website offering dream courses in North American and Europe, there are very few certificates or degrees specifically devoted to dream studies. This is the first dream certificate program offered to students at a distance at the graduate level.

Despite this growing professional and public acceptance of the importance of dreaming and dreams few psychologists get any formal training or certification of expertise. In fact most clinicians’ enter their professional life with absolutely no such training and often feel stuck or baffled when a client presents a dream in the therapeutic process. Psychology scholars too are ill trained to understand and appreciate the richness that dreamwork has to offer their explorations of the human condition. Increasingly cognitive psychology is telling us that much human information processing happens outside human awareness or at an unconscious level yet the “royal road to the unconsciousness” still remains too little investigated and understood. This certificate program is designed to address this inequity.

This certificate will give students an understanding of dream research, practice and personal meaning. This will allow them to apply this special understanding to various areas of interest.

Dream Analysis, PSY7530
California Southern University

Students learn to recognize and comprehend the major concepts, such as:

• Historical significance of dreams
• Current trends in dreamwork
• Major figures in dreamwork and their orientation
• Dreams in therapy and healing
• Dreams in creativity and education
• Women, sex and dreams
• Children and dreams
• Dreams and sleep stages
• Levels of meaning
• Dream symbols and dream themes
• Keeping dream records