Dream Workshops

LotusDream offers two types of workshops: Ullman method workshops and Dream-Drama workshops.

Ullman Method Workshop

LotusDream workshops are based on the Ullman method of dream discovery.  They nurture dreamers during the process of self-exploration.  Workshops also expand participant creativity and inform their spirituality.

Dreamers explore their dreams with the aid of the group to work through the personal meaning of their dreams.  As a workshop participant you will learn to become familiar with dream language and how your dreams use imagery to express deep feelings, reflect waking concerns, and uncover buried emotions.

You will gain an understanding of how to examine your dreams and make meaningful connections between dreams and your waking life.  The workshop process shows participants how recent events and old memories form dream collages to highlight present concerns.

Dream workshop participants come away from the experience feeling an appreciation for the artistry of dreams and how dream language and images and can showcase long hidden aspects of the dreamer’s past.

Dream-Drama Workshop ©

Dream-Drama Workshops allow dreamers to creatively mold their dreams into another reality.  Participants immerse themselves in the dream process through theatre and play.

Participants both witness and experience spiritual transformation by first listening to the dreamer’s story-dream and then by performing the dream as if it were a play.  The dream is then performed a second time with a different story line or ending.

Workshop Lengths

LotusDream workshops consist of half-day sessions, full-day sessions, and weekend sessions.

Contact us

To be notified when a workshop is offered near you or to set up a workshop in your home or area please email lotusdream@comcast.net